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Old 02-23-2011, 08:34 AM
Beartooth Regular
Join Date: Jul 2005
Posts: 108
Rossi Wizard... anyone handled or shot one ?

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I"m in the market for a 'fun gun', and the new single shot Wizard is attracting my attention.I really like the fact that barrel swaps are an over the counter deal,and many calibers will be available for it.
I'll be going for one in .223 caliber as I have the stuff to load for it,but no rifle to shoot the ammo in.

anyone handled one,or are they so new that they just arend't out there yet?
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Old 02-23-2011, 09:53 AM
jodum's Avatar
Piney Woods Moderator
Join Date: May 2007
Location: Benton, LA
Posts: 5,292
I have held one but that is all. Rifle Shooter magazine last month had an informative article on the Rossi. The gave it a thumbs up. It had a few things they didn't care for but I think it functioned well.
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Old 03-10-2011, 03:08 PM
Registered User
Join Date: Mar 2011
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Shooters Mag. didn't test the one I got or that reveiw wouldn't have been so glowing. I have sent mine back three different times and they have it now. I bought mine in Oct.2010 and have had problems with not firing reliably,(2 out of10). Mine is 223cal. I could not break the gun down,couldn't get the forearm off. Still would not fire every round and still couldn't break it down the second time I got it back. I tried 6 different brands of ammo thinking it could be one particular brand, but that was not the reason. I really think it has too good of a trigger pull. They have now had it sincse Jan. and I think it's about time for them to get off of there dead @#! By the way I have been writing about the NEW ROSSI WIZARD IN CAMO PATTERN! It is a great looking and feeling gun and I hope they do get it right. I am hoping I got the lemon and they can fix it.
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Old 03-12-2011, 04:05 PM
Registered User
Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 2
Rossi Availability

Im guessing from your thread that Rossis are not widely available in the US either. I've been trying to get one in Canada. All the dealers I've talked to basically tell me they either haven't heard of the Wizard or they are not available in Canada. I wonder what the problem with availability is?
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Old 03-19-2011, 07:31 AM
Beartooth Regular
Join Date: Jul 2005
Posts: 108
OK,got me a wizard,and I think it's gonna take some wizardry to get it to shoot worth a darn. caliber .223
using factory ammo,and some reloads,it shoots patternes instead of groups.I'll mount another scope AND have someone else shoot it ,but at 50yards,it's only 'minute of grapefruit'..if that. I would thnk that out of 3 brands of factory fodder I'd get minimum of 2" group at 50 yards,1 " even.
The front and rear sights are cheap junk to be thrown away at earliest possible convenience and a scope mounted,which I did.
I'll play with powder charges on the next outing and see if it will help,but I'm doubtful.Will also check the front stud tension and play with that some,
The idea of across the counter barrel swaps sounded good,but not unless the accuracy is there.
more range reports to follow soon.
ps,most groups were shot frm a rest,the pic is just that..a photo op.
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Old 03-19-2011, 11:48 AM
Wrongtarget's Avatar
Beartooth Regular
Join Date: Mar 2005
Posts: 409
Try some of the accurizing tips in the H&R forum FAQs at GBO, read the Handi Basics 101 also, the Wizard barrel is a clone of an H&R ejector barrel with the exception of the forend lug and the pivot pin diameter which are metric, the underlug locking shelf on the two rifles is identical, H&Rs won't shoot well with oil on the locking latch or shelf, they have to be dry.

H&R Centerfire Rifle Forum
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Old 03-20-2011, 05:05 PM
Beartooth Regular
Join Date: Jul 2005
Posts: 108
thanks,wt. I'll try resting it right in front of the trigger guard,I have a suspicon it will help.If I get it to 1" conistant at 50 yards I'll be happy with it....for now.<grin>
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Old 03-21-2011, 05:52 PM
Beartooth Regular
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Winchester, VA
Posts: 570
Held a Wizard today actually. I was rather impressed with the stock as it is improved over the original Rossi design. I have two Rossi break open rifles. One combo that was .22 and 12 gauge and one combo that was .243 and .50 muzzleloader. The first combo was an original import and does not have the stupid sidelock safety. The second combo does have the sidelock safety. All in all I have been very impressed with their older versions. My son killed two deer with the .243 barrel and has taken 6 with the muzzleloader barrel. I decline to ever shoot the 12 gauge on this platform again as the original stock did not have a recoil pad and my bum shoulder does not appreciate that. For the money I would definately buy another if I had a need or a use. I just wish they would have gotten their barrel exchange program up and running. That is not in the immediate future, according to Rossi. The Wizard came up very nice for me today and I kind of liked the sights, although they will not be nearly as durable as a set of steel sights.
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Old 03-30-2011, 07:26 AM
Beartooth Regular
Join Date: Jul 2005
Posts: 108
well,my next outing was no better than the 1st. I did try to be concistant on how I held it,etc.and it just won't group for poop.
NOticed also that the firing pin hits quite high on the primer.wonder if they did that so it would work with rimfire ammo ?All rounds fired on 1st hit so may just be the way it's meant to be.
Think I'l remove the scope and try the cheap-looking open sights,have my son with better eyes than mine shoot it that way for me.
The quest for accuracy contiues. heck,I don't think asking for 1" at 50 yards is askng all that much.
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Old 04-02-2011, 07:10 PM
Beartooth Regular
Join Date: Jul 2005
Posts: 108
ok,im' conviced..rossi's SUCK. The transfer bar is MIA..just found it insdie the frame but see nothing to hook it to,so back it goes for god-knows how long.
The directions say you must ship barrel and all..what nonsense.I'll see if they'll just let me ship the receiver to save money onshipping. Looks like it's on my dime to get it there. I will NOT be buying more barrles for it,and it's going up for sale the minute it gets back..whenever that is.
come on Rossi,prove me wrong on my opinion of this gun.
The fore end takes monster pulling to come off,the stud has a swell on the end,and the wood does not have a large enough hole to go over that sWell,so you are fighting it HARD to get it off. UGH.
I could go on but you get the picture.
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Old 04-03-2011, 07:02 AM
Beartooth Regular
Join Date: Sep 2005
Posts: 32
I think you may have just answered your accuracy problem, the tight forearm fit. I had a Marlin .32 H&R that would not group at all at fifty yards. I don't know how the factory got the forearm on, but it was JAMMED ON! Refit it and the gun shoots like a dream. Barrel stress and all that good stuff.
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Old 04-03-2011, 09:19 AM
Beartooth Regular
Join Date: Jul 2005
Posts: 108
I'll for sue be re fitting that forearm as soon as Rossi takes care of the t bar problem.
I'm considering just having it epoxied or brazed right to the trigger.It still has a manual safety.that would eliminate shipping it and waiting who-knows how long to get it back.
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