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Old 02-22-2005, 07:57 PM
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Lightbulb New age muzzleloading

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In these days muzzleloading is one of the fastest growing and advancing hunting styles there is. The days of the old cap lock muzzleloaders are slowly fading because of the push for a more reliable gun. My hat is off to those whom still enjoy the traditional muzzleloading. The new age muzzleloaders are not here to divide us as many people seem to think. They are just an easier way to hunt for the hunter who has a family and not much time to enjoy the outdoors hunting. I recently viewed a new concept in muzzleloading and would like to share it with you. I currently use the savage smokeless MLII muzzleloader, but in reading the few horror stories about this gun I decided to look to see what new inovations others have come up with to deal with the pressures of smokeless powder. Currently I am on a list for a new company to test a new conversion kit for the encore muzzleloader. I will post my personal result after I put it to the test. There website is
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Old 02-23-2005, 07:10 AM
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To each his own. No. I don't think the traditional muzzleloader is fading away. As a matter of fact, the number of skilled rifle makers is at an all time high and is increasing steadily. Check out the Contempoary Longrifle Association, Even one of the high end manufacturers of inline muzzleloaders, Austin & Halleck, now offers two very nice traditional models.

It is also incorrect to label traditional muzzleloaders as "unreliable". Our Civil War was fought with cap lock muzzleloaders in all kinds of weather conditions. Terrible carnage was wrought in places like Shiloh during constant rainstorms.

It's just my opinion, but I think many hunters select "modern" muzzleloaders simply because they are inexpensive, and have the general appearance of rifles that they are accustomed to.

This appearance can be decieving. I recently set up a CVA muzzleloader for a friend. It has a breech plug that in my opinion has a very long - too long - flash hole, and there is a special tool to to remove it and replace it, which must be done every time you shoot and clean the rifle. You also need to have special high tech grease to put on the threads before you reinstall the breech plug. Another special tool is required to place the 209 shotshell primer in place, and to remove it after firing. This requires some dexterity and would be difficult in low light conditions. This 50 caliber rifle has a 1 in 28 twist, which makes it unsuitable for patched round balls. lead conicals like Lyman's "shocker" can be used, however it is really designed for jacketed bullets in plastic sabots, which requires cleaning the barrel between shots.

It is also a good idea to check with your state's laws. Your modern muzzleloader may not be legal where you hunt. For example, Colorado allows "inline" muzzleloaders, but they cannot have a scope, must use loose powder, projectiles cannot be more than twice as long as the diameter, and sabots are not permitted.

I hunt with a custom "Kentucky" flintlock. My 50 caliber RB has no difficulty in putting a deer down. I can reload in less than a minute and can shoot many times before cleaning the barrel. I never have to remove the breech plug and my "tools" are simple, and carried in a leather "possibles" bag slung over my shoulder. I've never had so much fun in hunting.
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Old 02-23-2005, 08:03 AM
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There are two well defined groups within the muzzle loading game......the "Moderns" and the "Traditionals" That is not to say that all traditionals wear buckskin, but rather shoot/hunt period (or copies of) firearms.
I supose I am a "Traditional" even though I do use modern BP substitute, namely Triple 7
Now the "Modern" has one thing in mind......more hunting time and more meat! Let's face facts!
The "Traditional" is more inclined to be "Laid-Back" and likes to "Play" with period firearms. Many "Traditionals" hunt with their ML's during regular gun season.
Now.....I really don't give a flip what one hunts with, but in our camp we require traditional period (or copies) ML's.
As for Modern In-Lines replacing tradional guns......that is pure BS. If anything the modern In-Lines may be ruled out of ML season. There is talk of changing these seasons in many states to "Primitive" season, with would include side hammer guns and bows. The reason for this change is directly related to these modern ML, especialy to the smokeless powder guns.
If it comes to the vote in Florida, I'm not sure how I will vote......I do know that most of the side hammer boys I know will vote to have the In-Lines out.......James
Dixie Slugs of Old Town Hammock, Florida
"Home of the Dixie Terminator Slug"
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Old 02-23-2005, 01:49 PM
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Waht I have noticed...and am kind of thnakful that the rise of the modern muzzle loader has drivne out most of the "garbage" from the tradtionals. Hard to find a flintlock traditonal, but the ones offered do not include nearly as many of the bottom of the barrel junkers that were once pretty common. Have been more historicly accurate repicas made in recent years than in the "glory days" of the 1970's...and if I can thank the modern in lines for anything, I can thnak them for getting rid of the horrible crap that once infested the trraditional gun's barrel.
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