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Old 01-02-2017, 05:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Zapzoo View Post
I've always had a single stage press after a few months and a few thousand rounds I moved up to a progressive. I've decided to scrap my Hornady press long story. I'm actually giving it to a good friend of mine that is probably going to repair and replace parts. I kept the powder hopper I'm going to make it into a bench powder hopper, I just need to replace the plastic cylinder and cap. I want a Dillon progressive. I'm just trying to decide which rout I'm going. I reload primarily .45 ACP on the progressive. I shoot a lot of .45 ACP! I'm leaning to the Dillon 650 because I'm use to the auto indexing of the Hornady press. I also reload 9 mm, .357 mag. Some times a shoot a bunch of 9 mm or .357 mag but I usually just load them on my Rockchucker. Once I get my new progressive sett up and get it all figured out and get some practice with it under my belt I'm really considering getting a turret press. I have never used a turret press and right now I would most likely have to take my Rockchucker off my bench to accommodate a turret. But in the near future Ill be able to have all three mounted. However I have always reloaded for rifles on the Rockchucker it was my very first press. Any time I try out something new I go straight to the chucker. As far as accuracy and quality is concerned do turret presses such as the Lyman T-mag 2 or the RCBS Turret hold up to a good old single stage Rockchucker? I'm thinking I can keep my progressive set up for .45 ACP and just use the turret for the other pistol caliber's I reload and rifles. However if there is a noticeable difference in accuracy using a turret vs a single stage I'll probably just skip out on the turret. For pistol rounds I can mount a case activated powder drop and just go through each state for each piece of brass on each stage. For rifles I would still batch load but it would be nice to not have to swap dies ect just rotate the turret. My understanding is with a good turret press 100 to 150 rds an hour for pistol calibers with a powder drop is a reasonable goal. If so that would easily cover my lower volume calibers. Anyway educate me please.

If I haven't answer this, a couple of observations:

In the early days of IPSC, we burned a minimum of 2000 rounds a month, more typically 3000 rounds a month. I load and still load on a Star, but it's not for someone that doesn't know them.

I do own a 550B that a friend uses because I really don't care of it.

HOWEVER, it's less expensive, simple to use, support is unrivaled and if you're really going to shoot, go 550B. Easy to change calibers and calibers offered up to rifles are exceptional. No I don't get paid for this endorsement!

If you simply want a turret, I strongly suggest the Lyman. I used to use the Spar T (which is the older version of the one they currently offer) for match ammo only. IT's tough, it's durable and it's as good as you'll get for a Turret press.
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Old 01-02-2017, 05:56 PM
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Join Date: Nov 2013
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Originally Posted by 48woody View Post
I see this is an older thread, but would like some opinions. I am starting to gather components to get back into reloading after about a 20 year hiatus. I previously used a RCBS single stage.
The infamous RockChucker, still have my 40+ year old one. Only use it for neck expansion.

I will be reloading for only a few cartridges at first. Most use will be for .22 K Hornet, then some 45-70 with cast bullets, then some 30-06. Others will likely come on line some time. I was thinking of a turret press so that I could have different plates/heads (wrong term?) set up for each caliber. That way I wouldn't have to re-adjust the dies every time I wanted to do a different one. remove any advance features and use like a single stage.I would also, likely have a powder measure/s set up as a bench item, and use a hand primer. Once I have worked up a load combination I like for each caliber I will likely stay with it so no need to change die settings. Does this make sense? If so what recommendations for brand, if any real differences.

Thanks in advance
Try a Forster CoAx, it's single stage but you can change dies as fast as it takes you to think about it. Several of us have them and mine is in constant use for multiple calibers. It's also does exceptionally nice if you want to load for accuracy.
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Old 01-03-2017, 01:25 PM
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Thanks for the info. Probably, like many others, I will always have an eye out for presses and equipment that is priced right. I figure if I get lucky and find, maybe, several presses, I can keep one set up just for an operation that i do a lot on a specific cartridge. I have seen older presses go for $50 or less, not often, but keep the eyes open.
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Old 01-10-2017, 05:06 PM
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Right there in your post you stated the only advantage to a turret press. A die plate to hold all the dies for a caliber. Pretty handy at that. If you use locking rings on your dies there really isn't any more adjustment(s) necessary with a single stage press vs a turret unless changing to a different component which would be the same on a turret press. AND if you go back to the Rockchucker, Lee Classic Cast, or Hornady single stage press you can use the Hornady LNL bushings for quick die changes. Or buy a Forster Co-Ax for fast die changes also. With a good set up as stated there really is not much "speed" advantage with the turret over the SS press batch loading. Some, but not a lot. Well, except for the guys that can reload 200 plus rounds an hour with their Lee Classic Turret. But IMO that's "internet" speed (13.3 handle pulls a minute, 800 in an hour, that's fast hands). I had one (LCT) and 125 or so was about my limit. Still pretty good. But I am never in a big hurry anyway. The only turret presses I've owned were the Lyman T-Mag and the Lee Classic Cast. The Lyman was sturdier and very smooth, the Lee with the auto indexing was a bit faster but a bit "loosey goosey" to me. Never used the RCBS or Redding, but have seen the Redding in action with some highly skilled shooters and reloaders at the handle. If you get to a point where you "want" or "need" to load more, faster, I'd go to a progressive press. Which is what I did... As you probably know by now, we all pretty much recommend what we use and how we use it... The single stage presses on my bench are a Lee Classic Cast (heavy lifting) and a Forster Co-Ax, I like them both for what I use them for. Good luck in your quest and decision.

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Old 01-11-2017, 05:35 AM
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I got a Lyman T press back in the mid 80's and happy with it. I got a Hornady single stage and use it to mainly do the resizen and depriming of the cases. but also use it to load my 32's rounds.I get a better feel with that one.
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