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Old 11-02-2011, 02:58 PM
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How Do I Get Rust Out of a Muzzleloader Barrel?

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I have a T/C Hawken .50 rifle. I love it! I bought it from a pawnshop a few years ago and bight it knowing that it had some rust in the barrel. I shot it and it shoots accurately and I have taken several deer with it.

I would like to know how to get the rust out of the barrel before it gets any worse. I have read about a product called Blue & Rust Remover, but I don't know if it is safe to use on the inside of the barrel since it removes the bluing.

Can someone with experience on rust removal please give me some advice on the best way to handle this?

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Old 11-02-2011, 03:36 PM
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On method I use is JB Bore Paste. You clean the bore. You oil the bore. Then with a TIGHT fitting patch, smear that bore paste on the patch. Now you push all the way down, then back. That is one stroke. After twenty strokes, change to a new patch and add more bore paste.

The bore paste will remove any fouling in the bore and will take the rust off as well. It will also clean in the pits of the barrel is there is any. After about 100 stroke, clean the bore. Then go shoot it. It should be a lot cleaner. But be sure to oil the bore also.. because the bore paste will remove ALL things from the bore, meaning you have some clean bare metal in there and it needs to be protected.
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Old 11-02-2011, 04:08 PM
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About the only thing a stainless bore brush is really good for is scouring out rust. Soak in solventl...scrub...soak...scrub...soak...scrub..dr y...light oil. Would go after it again about two days later, just to be sure you killed the rust.

An alternate method really sounds counter intuitive: live steam. Have used one of the little mini steamer cleanerws, fitted with a nozzle, and blasted away through the barrel. Wear gloves, the barrel gets up to +200F. Scrub...blast with steam...scrub...blast with steam...etc. Dry it and oil it, then check for any remaining rust a day or two later.
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Old 11-02-2011, 07:36 PM
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Thanks, both of those suggestions sound great, I will give them a try this weekend when I get back from my final black powder hunt of the season.

One thing I'm worried about is pitting in the barrel. There may be pitting now, but the gun is shooting accurately. How can you tell if the barrel is pitted? I've shined a light down and can barely see anything, the only reason I know there is rust is because when I push down a dry patch it comes back brown. Once I get the rust out what is a way to check for pitting?
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Old 11-03-2011, 12:24 PM
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use a bore light. Drop it down the bore and look for pitting. If you have no bore light, a very small flashlight that was purchased at an auto parts store fits down the bore of my .50 caliber rifles. It allows me to look in detail at the insides of a traditional barrel. If you have none of the above, take a chunk of tin foil. Roll that into a tight ball SMALLER THEN THE BORE and drop that down the bore. Then hold a strong flashlight to the side of the muzzle, shining down the bore onto that tin foil. It will reflect the light and allow you a somewhat look in the bore.
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Old 11-11-2011, 09:30 PM
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JB Bore Paste is good. I've used it with great success.
However, the best I've found is Iosso Bore Cleaner. Years ago I scrubbed and scrubbed an old .410 shotgun barrel with a brush, until it looked clean and shiny.
Then I ran across Iosso Bore Cleaner, which is a cream and comes in a tube like toothpaste. Some of that on a tight patch and I couldn't believe what emerged on that first patch: heavy rust, streaks of lead, assorted crud.
So much for a bronze brush and solvent!
Iosso, because it's a cream, works into a patch a little easier than JB. Alas, it's often difficult to find Iosso Bore Cleaner (Midway stocks it, though) but JB Bore Paste is usually found in a well-stocked gun store.
If you can't find Iosso, order it from Midway or find it online. I cleaned up the rusty bore of my CVA Mountain Rifle with it a few years ago, and it removed all rust right down to bare metal.
Like JB Bore Paste, Iosso Bore Cleaner removes all preservative from a bore. After using either, you'll need to return a thin film of oil to the bore to keep it from rusting.
I also use Iosso Bore Cleaner at the range with my cap and ball revolvers. A tight patch, on a length of dowel, tapped down the bore will remove all black powder fouling and lead. I use it after about 50 shots or so, to quickly restore the bore to cleanliness.
I've also used it with great effect on modern rifle bores to remove heavy fouling.
Iosso Bore Cleaner is good stuff.
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