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TrapperTrent 08-02-2004 03:15 PM

Review of Swift 205-687M Premier Mildot 4.5-14X44 A/O Scope
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As promised... I said that I would review this scope. I received the scope from E Arthur Brown Co. on Friday. Their service is excellent and shipping was fast with scope packed well. I took the scope out and inspected it in the daylight by just checking clarity. I would have to say that the scope I ordered had very good optical clarity and the overall quality of the assembly and parts used are excellent. The clarity at the edges compared close to the 3-9X by 40mm Burris FFII scope I have but the clarity and brightness of the Leupold VXIII scope was better. I do not have a scientific way of measuring the clarity and brightness, so understand that my tests are a matter of perception. As expected my $1500 Schmidt Bender beat the scope in all categories without even getting it out of the gun cabinet. The Swift scope came with an extra screw in sun shield and did aid in the elimination of glare and washed images cased by the sun overhead in the morning sun. The swift was pointed to the East with the sun being about 40 degrees above the morning horizon. The free sun shield did as it should and is a real plus when purchasing this scope.

The Swift had a very good quality reticle with a cross hair center that covered a dime-sized bullseye at 100 yards. When adjusting the finger adjustable knobs the reticle moved smooth and the adjustment clicks were positive in the indents. My night time testing consisted of light gathering ability in a full moon clear night sky. The Swift was excellent in it’s low light gathering ability and could see objects in the distance that I could not see with a naked eye. At the range atop my Win Mod 70 in 22.250 the scope was a pleasure to use. My only beef was, the parallax was off from the settings listed on the adjustable objective. The speed focus eyepiece was smooth and eye relief was a generous 3.2 inches whether at 4.5X or 14X.

Overall I would say that the Swift scope I ordered is a real winner for the $$$. As they say you always get what you pay for but the Swift is an exceptional value! If you want a Schmidt Bender and can afford the price tag and won’t worry about taking it hunting, buy it. If you want a nice hunting type scope that is well made with above average optics then it is worth your time to consider the Swift Premier line up. I think the Swift ranks up there with the Nikon Prostaff and Leupold VXI (not the VXIII), and the Burris Full Field II scopes of the world with a cheaper price tag. This will not be the last Swift I will purchase when needing a good quality hunting scope under $200 dollars. Remember guys… This is my unscientific perception and opinions will vary with non-standard criteria used to make a judgement. Be your own judge, but I think the Swift is worth a look.


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