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Old 07-21-2006, 10:45 PM
Beartooth Regular
Join Date: May 2005
Location: Southwest
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- I have recently returned from a Hunting-Prep-Trip in Iowa.

A long time hunting buddy of mine "re-introduced" me to the .257-Roberts. He shoots predators and varmints with a .22-250Rem...and "everything-else" with a .257-Roberts. Until-recently...I have always intentionally steered away from "other-than-standard" cartridges. However, the past year I have been looking-into "the-reloading-thing" and have taken an interest in the possibilities of the cousin-cartridges of the .308 and 7X57 parent-cases.

I have been probing around the internet, and have found a considerable amount of data and information regarding the .257-Roberts...however what I am seeking can only be found in the threads and opinions of experienced reloaders and shooters, like the majority of the members here. I have been watching the shelves of the local gun-n-reloading shop in my area....and there always seems to be "just-a-few" boxes of .257-Roberts sitting on the shelf, but the clerk told me that they always sell whatever they get...and - there were quite-a-few guys in the area that were very loyal to this cartridge.

So...Is there anyone in the forum that can offer me any experience or opinion[s] regarding this cartridge.?...
- Or...possibly a source or thread where I can read something more than "reloading-data"...
- [I have also been following the .270-08-Thread...that looks very interesting also].

- I haven't figured out why I am so fascinated with the .257-Roberts...and getting a rifle that matches the quality of any one of my "standard-caliber" Kimbers...is gonna be costly. Right now, I am leaning toward something from the Remington Custom-Shop.
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Old 07-22-2006, 02:35 AM
KenK's Avatar
Beartooth Regular
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Georgia
Posts: 2,290
I have had a Remington Model 700 Classic in .257 Roberts since 1982. It is a very good cartridge. I think .25 caliber at the Roberts velocity levels are about as good as it gets for deer.

It would not be my choice if I were limited to factory ammuniton.
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Old 07-22-2006, 08:53 AM
rem 700's Avatar
Beartooth Regular
Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: Nebraska
Posts: 251
Great deer cartridge
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Old 07-22-2006, 02:20 PM
recoil junky's Avatar
Elk Whisperer (Super Moderator)
Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Craig CO. Elk Hunting Capitol of the World!
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I see Ruger is chambering for the .257 roberts. Looks like a 20 or 22 inch barrel. Knida short for my tastes.

Keep your powder dry and when you go afield take the kids and please..........wear your seat belts.
I am the ORIGINAL recoil junky , often imitated, but never equalled.
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Old 07-22-2006, 04:50 PM
The Troll Whisperer (Moderator)
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: Mesa, Arizona
Posts: 21,859
Had a Ruger M77 Ultra Light in .257 Robt's AI and found it to be a real mean coyote gun - even for those "way out there" shots. Did quite well on paper for the first three shots, then had to allow for barrel cooling due to the thin, whippy barrel of the ultra light. Never shot a deer with it, but feel confident it will get the job done with style.

Reloading the 7x57 case necked down to .257 is no problem at all. Try this cartridge and I think you'll like it.
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Old 07-22-2006, 05:16 PM
MikeG's Avatar
The Hog Whisperer (Administrator)
Join Date: Jan 2001
Posts: 32,884
Ruger 77, tang safety.

Works great on deer, hogs, javelina.... down to p-dogs.

Cheap 100gr. Cor-Lokts are surprisingly reliable, stone cold killers. 100gr. Nosler Solid Base bullets, as well.

75gr. Sierra HPs are tough on varmits.

Get one. You won't regret it!

Originally Posted by faucettb
Welcome to the forum. Rules are simple, be nice and join in.
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Old 07-22-2006, 05:16 PM
Beartooth Regular
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Central Penna.
Posts: 995
I've shot over 20 deer with a 257 AI and 120 Nosler Part. It kills deer like lighting when you do your job.
Mike B.
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Old 07-22-2006, 05:38 PM
Beartooth Regular
Join Date: Feb 2006
Posts: 364
.257 Roberts

Had a Ruger 33 rebored/chambered to .257 Roberts by Ackley's shops many years ago, early 1980's. Used it for a caribou rifle in Alaska for many years. 100 gr Silvertip Windychester factory ammo. Worked very well.
Friend in Wyoming, I'd given him a twin to my #3 and he's used it to harvest all of his antelope, deer, elk, ever since 1983.
They are comfortable/friendly on the shoulder, can be most accurate, place the bullet where it's suppose to be, and expect the Roberts to perform as it should...
Once you use the Roberts for awhile, I doubt you'd part with it?
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Old 07-22-2006, 05:39 PM
Beartooth Regular
Join Date: Feb 2006
Posts: 364
.257 Roberts

That should have read Ruger #3, not Ruger 33...opps
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Old 07-22-2006, 07:56 PM
Beartooth Regular
Join Date: Dec 2002
Posts: 105
I have a Ruger 77 in 257 Roberts. It is an excellent rig that is a pleasure to shoot. The Roberts is an overlooked cartridge. Try one, I think that you will quickly come to love this classic 25.
II Timothy 1:7
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Old 07-22-2006, 08:05 PM
TedH's Avatar
Beartooth Regular
Join Date: Apr 2002
Location: Missouri
Posts: 680
I built one on a 95 Mauser action with an Adams&Bennet 20" light contour barrel. Shoots a lot better than I expected it would. Great cartridge.
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Old 07-24-2006, 12:32 AM
Beartooth Regular
Join Date: May 2005
Location: Southwest
Posts: 333
- THX-4-the-input-guys!...I will be looking at the Ruger-Ultra-Light this week.
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Old 07-24-2006, 09:55 AM
Beartooth Regular
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: LA (lower Alabama)
Posts: 479
I have a .257 77 MkII at the 'smith's being rechambered to AI "even as we speak." Basically, the price was 'way right, and working with a "non-standard (for here)" cartridge has always appealed to me.
A 24" bbl may have a slight advantage over a 22", but my .308AI (yeah, i know) wears a 22" bbl and its fine. I've never had a deer complain that he was shot with a 22" bbl instead of 24".
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