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Old 10-19-2003, 08:12 PM
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Herter's 284

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I have a herter's 284, but have been able to find very limited information on it. The only ammunition that i can find is the winchester super x. Is there anybody that knows any info on this gun, value, or ammunition sources/types available? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 10-24-2003, 03:06 PM
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howdy -

i sent you an email with (i hope) some useful information. if you didn't get it, let me know.

also, here is a link to the topic on this subject that i started at the BaitShop. some of the guys there might be able to help out too.


good luck!

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Old 10-24-2003, 06:44 PM
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Here is an old cached page from the defunct Shooters site. I copied and pasted into this reply. It's a gent that posted about the U9 and J9 Rifles.

__________________________________________________ ________
08/11/98-12:36 PM Posted by: dave375hh
10878: Herter`s 22/250

Herters called this rifle a U9 it was made by BSA Birmingham
England, for Herters. As far as I know it's a stock BSA gun
that is just stamped Herters. Similar to Winchester making
J.C.Higgens guns for Sears. BSA stands for Birmingham Small Arms LTD. Herters also had a mod. J9 that was built on a
Yugoslavian mauser barreled action with a Herters stock. The heat treating on these was suspect as some of them were found to be quite soft, but I've never heard of any problems
with the BSA guns. Dave375

__________________________________________________ ________

The 284 is still being used and the case itself has been wildcatted extensively. It's becomming popular in the single shot handguns. It was actually one of the "first" UltraMag type (fat) bodied cases (sans the belt) out there and is desired for that. It compares in power to the 280 Rem.

Hope you find the info of use.


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Old 10-24-2003, 06:59 PM
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More cached pages:

7532: Herters U-9 in 243
11/29/02-10:50 PM Posted by: tareyton

I recently aquired a Herters U-9 in 243. There is no serial number anywhere on it where should it be? It is in Excellent condition any idea on value of these?


7703: Herters U-9 in 243
04/08/03-9:32 AM Posted by: RugerNo3

Not unusual to have no serial number as many of the Herters' rifles were mail order and kits and predated the GCA'68. That legislation basicaly put Herters out of business. Some of the centerfire kits sold for around $70 and up. They were Mauser or Husqvarna actions and well worth their money. It is certainly worth more dollars today, if in good condition, then the original purchase price. It is basicly a shooter and not a collectable. My old Herters catalogs have been long gone but not forgotten. The writing used for descriptions was embellished to no end. Great john-time reading.


7705: Herters U-9 in 243
04/09/03-12:32 PM Posted by: sakoguy from Hunters.com

Ah, the Herter's catalog. I remember the "Count Karl Nesselrode cake", and the "Diamond Lil fruitcake". Ha Ha, funny stuff. On the subject of the U-9 rifles, the Mauser actions were made by Zastava in Yugoslavia, and are decent quality rifles. In my opinion, their rather low value does not reflect their quality at all...


7711: Herters U-9 in 243
04/20/03-7:10 AM Posted by: Ballistics in Scotland

Frank de Haas says the U9 was built on the BSA action, and some at least had a serial number, plus "Made in England" on the receiver ring, in small, shallow letters. The action was sold separately as well, so a gunsmith might have removed these. He regards it as a strong and sound action, but not as well finished as BSA's own version.

It is also possible that you might have a Herter's J9, which was made on the Zastava Yugoslavian Mauser. De Haas, in comments confined to the late specimen he bought, mentions rather graver faults of fit and finish. Some of these wouldn't be hard to correct, and probably have been in a used rifle. Some are worse though, such as the difficulty of making scope bases level without a lot of extra work. He describes it as the worse commercial turnbolt action he had seen. This doesn't, of course, apply to all Zastava actions, so I don't doubt some J9s were better.
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Old 10-24-2003, 07:02 PM
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Here's one by you Mr. T:

64095: herter's
08/04/01-4:46 AM Posted by: tasunkawitko


i posted this message some time ago, but i figured maybe some new people or new information might exist, so i am posting it again. please forgive the redundancy.

my question is this: can ANYONE tell me about the herter's import model j9 rifle? i just recently bought it from a local gunsmith and i am totally impressed with it, but i know nothing at all about it and cannot seem to find any information on it.

here is all the information i have: it is .308 calibre with a bolt action, it was manufactured in yugoslavia, it has a mauser action with a drop-down floorplate and it has a 24-inch barrel. the stock is french walnut and it has no checkering. my guess is that it was manufactured in the late 60's or very early 70's, cause it is around that time that herter's got out of the rifle-importing business.

any information, opinions, links or other sources of knowledge would be greatly appreciated. as i said i am very very happy with it, it seems to be extremely well made as well as very accurate, but i know nothing at all about it and where it came from and what it's history is. not so much this particular rifle but the model j9 in general.



64096: herter's
08/04/01-5:43 AM Posted by: 2520

My 1976 Herters catalog lists this as made in England with American walnut or black walnut stocks. Available with sights for $141.95 and w/o sights for $121.95. Checkering was extra. This is with Douglas barrels. Same gun with Herter barrel is $124.00 and $112.00. Barreled actions were available also. I believe they sold alot of these. Basicly a Mauser action barreled up as sporters and available in several calibers. I don't recall anything bad about them but I also don't recall anyone writing home about them either. 2520


64105: herter's
08/04/01-10:14 AM Posted by: Burnt Powder


That handle is too much for me! You know who this is for!

The Herters J9 is a rifle or action that was built for them in Yugoslavia by Zestava. It is basicly the same as the Interarms Mark X, made in the same factory. A modified Comercial Mauser '98!

They also had a "Premium" rifle called a U9 It was made with a varriation of a modified Mauser action made by BSA aka Birmingham Small Arms in England. I have one of them in the deluxe version with the lightning bolt white line spacers at the forarm cap, grip cap and recoil pad. A little better than std. grade Black walnut stock. That action and rifle in the BSA version is known as the Monarch. It has an intergal dovetail scope mount on it which, by the way, is difficult to find scope mounts or rings for. Conetrol makes them, but that is about it. The Herter's mounts were a lot like a Weaver mount, and there were Parker Hale mounts available too. That is what is on mine.

As someone else said, they were available as actions, barreled actions, with Herter's "house barrel", and heaven knows who made them, or with a Douglas barrel for an aditional charge. They were excellent firearms for the money. I have a friend who has several Herter's rifles and handguns, sort of a collecter you might say. Doesn't have a lot of them, but more than a couple. I wouldn't part with my U9! It is a 30-06 in the Deluxe version with an upgrade American walnut stock with recoil pad, lightning bolt white line spacers at the caps with rollover cheekpiece. I won't even get into what it was like when I got it or what I paid for it, sufice it to say it was worth the money, and it had been "accurized"! It looks box stock original now, and shoots gangbusters!

The J9 an U9 were both available with the same options and upgrades as to stocks, spacers, recoil pads, and barrels. The J9 being the less expensive of the two. I still have fond memories of dreaming through the colored section of stocks and blanks in the big catalog. Those were the good old days!!

That's about all I can tell you about them right now.

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Old 10-24-2003, 07:30 PM
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Heres an article on wildcatting the 284 Win.

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Old 10-24-2003, 08:04 PM
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contender! i remember that! it's thanks to that J9 that i discovered shotoers.com......thanks for the memories!
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