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Old 08-27-2013, 03:55 AM
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How to fix common problems with BRNO / CZ .22 rifles...

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Following an investigation to determine why my vintage ’56 Model 2 BRNO recently began to erratically eject cartridges & spent cases I’ve elected to share some acquired possible solutions for hopefully resolving relatively common problems associated with BRNO / CZ .22 rifles :

If you are not able to regularly eject either cartridges or spent cases then carefully check to see if the leading edge (namely, closest to the barrel) of either the slightly raised ‘old angled / pitched roof’ style ejector lug or the ‘new rectangle’ shaped ejector lug’s visually worn. If so, then replace the easily removed bolt guide / ejector lug assembly which is located below the bolt face when the bolt’s pulled back to its ‘stop’ position. Just remember to buy the identical unit as the uniquely shaped lugs slide into distinctly different angled recessed grooves along the base of the bolt. Note, the earlier angled 'pitched roof' shaped lug was arguably more time consuming and costly to machine, hence the switch to the easier 'rectangular' format on recent versions.

How to remove and replace the bolt guide / ejector lug assembly - simply unscrew the mag housing’s rear retaining screw (it threads into just behind the raised ejector lug) whilst a protruding lip slips into a slot beneath the breech. Remove the bolt and the ejector assembly thereafter slips out towards the butt. Insert the replacement, position the front lip inside the recessed slot, and screw in the mag housing's rear retaining screw - easy.

If the mentioned leading edge of your ejector lug’s fine but you still experience erratic cartridge or spent case ejections then carefully observe the rim’s contact edges of the twin angled claws for sign of obvious wear – replace if necessary. Ensure that you slightly re-tension the claw’s sprung retaining clip (by carefully compressing it between your fingers) prior to re-attaching it. Note, if the clip’s lost some of its power to firmly hold the extractors then, in turn, the case won’t be held tightly enough against the bolt face for it to be kicked free by the ejector.

How to remove and replace the bolt’s twin ‘claws’ - carefully prise open the retaining clip (e.g. with a fine pointed probe) such that the ends just slip over and off the sides of the claws. Carefully note the relative positions of the different shaped claws, then install the new replacement set. Remember to lightly re-tension the retaining clip prior to re-fitting. Note, I hook one end of the clip in its seated position over one of the claws and then use a sharp probe to gently pull the other end into its seated position.

If your mag randomly miss feeds than check to see if the ends of the spring are identically bent / shaped in addition to slightly re-tensioning / stretching the spring. Also, bearing in mind that the follower’s bent end bits might be ‘catching’ on the mag’s inner walls, minutely bend them until miss feeds either occur less frequently or are hopefully eliminated.

Note, simply re-tensioning the twin ‘claws’ sprung retaining clip thankfully resolved my cherished Brno’s ejection problem.
One clean, humane shot for all ferals !

Last edited by Ross Clifton; 08-27-2013 at 10:25 PM.
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