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.17 wsm

  1. .17 super magnum 100 yard accuracy

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    I am considering getting a .17 Winchester super magnum specifically for 100 yard precision sub 1 moa grouping. I figure it will be a cheaper and fun alternative to the .308 and just wondering what kind of accuracy i can expect with the .17 WSM at that distance? I have 0 experience with that round.
  2. Rimfire Stevens 44 ½

    Single-Shot Rifles
    There’s a Stevens 44 ½ on Gun Broker that’s been rebarreled to .17 Winchester [rimfire] Super Magnum. I’ve desired a rifle exactly like this since Winchester introduced the .17 WSM; the reasons being (1) the Stevens 44 just looks right, (2) there’s a ton of old Stevens rifles in .25 rimfire that...