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1892 winchester

  1. Chiappa 1892

    92 Winchester/Browning/Rossi/Navy Arms/LSI/Uberti
    Hi everybody, I bought a Chiappa 1892 carbine (16" barrel) in .357 magnum recently and this is my first post :) I want to change out the standard buckhorn rear sight for something better... it's just not working for me, I struggle to hit something the size of a watermelon even from 50 feet...
  2. Calling all "Survivalists"

    Black Rifles
    Howdy everyone, Ive been doing some shopping and I have my next rifle tacked down to one of two completely different things. Originally i was looking at getting a lever action 410, but after some thought decided to go with something different. Ive narrowed things down to an Arsenal slr106ur...
  3. Where is the best place to buy Cowboy Ammo?

    Cowboy Loads and Guns
    I purchased an 1873 and an 1892 Winchester last year. I can't seem to find any ammo for either one. I need to find 32-20 and 32-40 loads. I live in Delaware and all I keep hearing at the local gun shops is that they are "seasonal" but they never seem to be "in season." I'd really like to shoot...