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1911 problems

  1. Help and advice with a 1911 94

    Winchester 94 Lever Guns
    Well, I joined to ask for advice, my 1911 94 broke it's firing pin, so I disassembled and removed. As this was a real, working Ranch rifle I do not want to cosmetically change anything. It has earned it's stock bruises in West Texas. What I do need is a replacement firing pin, and advice on what...
  2. 1911 failure to feed

    Hey Guys, I have a Springfield Armory GI edition 1911a1. I have only shot 50 round nose 45 acp rounds through it, and thought I would take it bow hunting with me this year. Anyway, I bought some expensive hollow point 45 auto rounds and the darn thing absolutely will not chamber them. The...
  3. springfield 1911 ultra-compact jamming

    my dad got a springfield 1911 ultracompact and it keeps jamming on the secont to last shot the way it jams is the rim spent cartridge gets stuck in the top of the magazine this only happens on the secong to last shot and an exsess of 1000rounds have been run thrue it he usally runs 230gr...
  4. 1911 extraction/ejection problems in Iraq

    I'm issued a M1911A1 over here in the sandbox. Am having problems with it not ejecting spent casing at least once per mag. Round extracts but doesn't eject and gets hung up on extractor. Have no spare parts for the M1911A1s here. Is there anything I can do to tweak the extractor? Have 6...