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  1. Handguns
    I have my father's 1911 from WWII. It has a date code of AA, which would be March of 1932 or March of 1954 - obviously, the 1954 date is out, it would seem. The serial # is 615XXX I can't find any table showing dates/serial number ranges that covers this serial number for a Remington UMC. I...
  2. Handguns
    My Regent 1911 full frame has the factory barrel installed, I'm looking to install a more efficient ramped barrel. Does anyone Know if it is as simple as just dropping the new barrel in or are further modification needed? Also I'm open to opinions on the brand of barrel to purchase.
  3. Handguns
    Springfield Armory® Introduces Laser Equipped 1911 Loaded Model* Loaded Parkerized Ready For Self-defense With Crimson Trace®*Lasergrips® GENESEO, IL, January 11, 2015 – Springfield Armory® is pleased to announce a new member to the Loaded family of 1911 pistols. The new Springfield Armory®...
  4. Handguns
    After weeks of thinking I've finally decided on buying a Taurus for my first gun and I'm very happy with my purchase. Since it fits in my pocket, I carry it wherever I go and makes me feel safer. It made me really happy that I wanna but another one. But this time, I want something that can stop...
  5. Handloading Equipment
    I would like to start reloading 9 mm, I have everything except dies (mostly because of unavailability). But what dies are absolutely needed for reloading 9mm? It seems way different from rifle reloading. if anyone knows of a video that explains everything I would appreciate it. and are lee dies...
  6. Handguns
    I recently was given a Star PD .45 ACP. I did some reading up about it and most of the reviews were great. It was a good 1911 made from 1975 to 1990. Unfortunately mine has not lived up to that expectation. It seems to shoot incredibly low and then about once every 4 or 5 shots it shoots right...
  7. Handguns
    I am looking at getting a Rock Island Armory 1911 Tactical model, it the one with the rail system, but no night sights. Current prices are show to be in the $470 range. Any first hand experiences with the Tactical model? Suggestions, input or anything else I should know?
  8. Handguns
    I’m looking to get my first 1911. I really like the looks of the original design. I’m thinking of getting a Remington 1911 R1, anyone have any experience with these?
  9. Handguns
    I currently do not have a 1911 pistol. My ex-wife wound up with my Kimber. Anyway I am throwing around a few ideas for my next pistol. I have always wanted one of those GI style 1911's. Only thing is I don’t like those sights. I would also like to get a "target quality" 1911. Would I be...
  10. Handguns
    Does anybody have experience with the new Ruger 1911? It looks interesting for the price.
  11. Gunsmithing
    So i had a thought the other day i want to build a 1911 from the bottom up in 38 super. since i have some basic gun smithing skills this is kind of a learning project for me. most of this is going to be learn as you go. but i figured i should atleast ask people who know what their doing. Im...
  12. Handguns
    I found a Safari Arms Enforcer 1911 for sale. I was wondering if anyone on here has ever been arround one or shot one? I looked them up on the internet, they are now made by Olympic Arms and sell for $1033. I can get this one for $600. Should I buy it or not? Any responces would be greatly...
  13. Handguns
    I haven't purchased magazines for a full-size government in awhile and am looking for qualified opinions as to which mags are the ones to depend on if you really need it. Thanks in advance.
  14. Handgun Cartridges
    I was shooting with some family this weekend and i let a 15 yr old family member fire the weapon and i was loading a clip and his mother was watching him. He fired screamed and dropped the gun. A Federal round exploded inside the chamber sent shrapnel out the ejection port into his face cutting...
  15. Handguns
    Back in December of 2010 I had the privilege of being invited to Gunsite for the introduction of several new Ruger products, among them the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle, which I have reviewed previously. Also present at the gunwriters' review was Ruger's then-secret SR1911, which we've been...
  16. Handguns
    Finally offical Ruger to make a M1911 .45 ACP, that puts 44 manufactures on the old slab side. CD
  17. Handguns
    Does anyone have a reference showing the Mfg. date of a Colt Government model 1911 in .38 super with serial # 28123XX? I've tried Proof House but they don't have the Series 80. Thanks
  18. Handguns
    I have a new Kimber Custom Target II that I have had to the range twice. I have put 600 rounds through it now. All loads both factory and handloads consisted of 230 grain bullets. My 11 year old son is having a ball shooting it and he doesn't complain about the recoil but he is developing a...
  19. Handguns
    Anyone bought either of these pistols ? Looking to buy an extra 1911, but ain't a gonna pay inflated prices many are asking for one.
1-20 of 78 Results