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  1. Handguns
    Anyone have any info on the Springfield Armory 1911 GI pistol? I looked at one today and I like it. Just wanted to see what you guys with them thought first. Thanks
  2. Handguns
    Im getting ready to put a new barrel and maybe a new comp on my 1911. Id like to know what experiences you all have had with different barrel brands, my main concerns are of course accuracy and longevity. Id also lik to know which compensater has the best size to effectiveness ratio. Thanks
  3. Handguns
    Thursday I picked up a 22 conversion Kit for the 1911 style pistaols. I have thought about these for quite sometime now and when I saw it I emediately asked "how much is it going to take for me to get out of here with the converison". The owner offered me a good deal and I took it. I...
  4. Handguns
    Anyone use one of these? It replaces the bushing on the 1911 model and "reduces muzzle Jump" I was thinking about one for my Gold Cup. The gun shoots great as is, but hey, accessories are cool. Am I wasting time & money, or do they work? Accuracy affected? Thanks EMC2
  5. Handguns
    I have invested in what I hope to be an high quality reliable carry piece. I just bought the Spingfield Loaded Micro-Compact 1911 (.45) (model#: PC9802LP). Its a beautiful piece of work and feels just perfect in my hand. I took it to the range today for the 1st time. Now I did my homework and...
  6. Handguns
    I'm shooting a Colt Gold Cup Series 80. I bought it new, and had it tuned by a professional. I have about 1,000 rounds through it. At the range this morning, I was doing some close range speed shooting at the FBI Q target. The failure was the first I've seen, and I hope someone out there can...
  7. Handguns
    i'm looking at getting either a springfield GI model or a high standard. prefer to buy american weapons although ive heard that high standard imports from the phillipines. just personal preference. am open to other suggestions tho. price limit about 500$. like to hear opinions and suggestions...
  8. Handguns
    What is the word from folks that have these? I handled one today and I was impressed of coarse with the price but the feel and look were good too. I checked the web site and it is listed as a Hi Standard- API Product. What does that mean? The guy did say it was made in the Phillapeans. Are the...
  9. Handguns
    I'm looking for recommendations on hostlers for a full sized 1911. More specifically concealed carry holsters. What have you used and liked? I'm a fairly big guy and prefer strong side (right handed) or small of the back carry.
  10. Handguns
    I am thinking of buying a used 1911 style 45 with the idea of shooting cast bullets. What are the pit fall if any? Are there any I should avoid? Anything I should specifically look for or avoid? I am trying to make an informed decision so any and all help is, as always, deeply appreciated...
  11. Handguns
    I have a full-size .45 ACP 1911, and feed it target level reloads of 200 gr. lead bullets with 4.5 gr W-231. Wandering thru a gun show, I found a supply of recoil buffers. { For the newbies: these are ~1/8" thick rubber washers that go behind the recoil spring, and form a cushion where the...
  12. Handguns
    I'm feeling kind of ignorant, but that's nothing new :D Will the slide/spring/barrel of a commander model fit on a full size frame? -Taking Cover Thanks EMC2
  13. Handguns
    I am interested in trading a 1936 Luger P08 for a colt 1911 Gold Cup Match. I think the value of the Luger is $1200 to $1600. The Luger is in good condition, but has a non matching part and no holster for the gun. Will this be a fair trade for a 1911 in new condition? I haven't yet found a...
  14. Handguns
    Thinking of buying a new 1911. I'm gonna go with a 5" but not sure what brand I want. Any suggestions on the brand and caliber I should get? I Already own a Kimber, and a Springfield, both in .45 Just looking for some ideas!
  15. Bullet Casting
    Been thinking of getting a new 1911, probably a springfield GI issue. How do they handle cast with alox lube? Would wheel wieghts be hard enough for ball ammo? Main use would be plenking and such, with posible home defense use.
  16. Handguns
    I've finally picked what caliber I want. Im going .45! I should have known from the very start. Seeing as I love to shoot the "man stopper." But now of course, Im faced with the issue of what gun to purchase. I've pretty much narrowed my top choices to the Springfield XD or a Colt 1911. I've...
  17. Ex-Military Rifles & Cartridges
    Hello, Mr Bubba again, soapbox in hand! Today it's about the apparent need to improve the 1911's extractor. Smith is using the pin & spring style, Kimber is using a Glock style, Para has their own wierd design, and I think Wilson offers some other style as well. I suppose it's all well and...
  18. Handguns
    Hey Every one, I am going to the Gun Show at Ft Worth this saturday and was wondering if you guys could give me some advice. I have shot the Para and the S&W before and I like them both. I am looking for a 1911 chambered in the .45 ACP and have the following guns in mind: 1. Para Ordnance P14...
  19. Handguns
    The more I think about the idea of getting a 1911, the more I like it. I am particularly fond of the idea getting a cheap one and building it up myself (just something special about it) What parts should I look at. I am thiking and extended slide release is a no brainer since I know I can't...
  20. Handguns
    I was lucky enough to come into a pair of new Kimber 1911s recently - a vanilla Custom II (5" Gubment size) and an Ultra Carry II (3" chop-job). They make quite a pretty couple sitting next to each other! Anyway, I recently picked up my CCW license and now I'm nosing around for holsters. I've...
41-60 of 78 Results