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  1. Machining Case Necks

    Handloading Procedures/Practices
    I'm prepping 22-250 Lapua brass with thick case necks, many over 016". Loaded cases could not be chambered after sizing due to case neck/chamber interference. According to SAAMI, 22-250 cases should be nominally .0125". Although I didn't measure bullet fit, they were difficult to seat. This is...
  2. Beginners Bench Rifle

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Hello all, I am looking into my first "long range" rifle ever and Im looking for some advice. I don't really plan on hunting, I just started reloading this month, and I mostly just plan to shoot steel but a p-dog hunt with relative in Texas isn't out of the realm of possibility. I own a few...
  3. Prairie Coyote Gun

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Looking for a new coyote gun. I will be shooting in the prairies, where it is usually windy, and i will need to be taking some fairly long shots at times. I also do some calling. I do not reload. Just wondering what you guys use and what you would use for the above criteria. I want a dedicated...
  4. Newbie exposed

    Handloading Procedures/Practices
    OK I am new to reloading and this post will make that very clear. As I was accumulating my gear and reading all that I can I saw one post where they improved their accuracy with some powder by switching from a large rifle primer to a large rifle magnum primer. So when I went out looking at...
  5. 22-250 shooting left with reloads

    Handloading Procedures/Practices
    I am fairly new to reloading but wonder how this could have anything to do with the bullets I loaded. Lots of variables because gun is new Savage varmiter with a Weaver Grand Slam 4.5x-14x 40mm scope. First round, I shot Remington factory loads with hollow points 50 gr. I got it to shoot OK...
  6. Can a Ruger M77 in .22-250 be converted?

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
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  7. Explain this?

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Just got back from a P dog trip. Before we left me and my father-in-law reloaded 1300 rounds of 22-250 for my remington and his savage. Mine shot great the entire time, every one fire and went where i was aiming. His factory heavy barreled model 12fv savage however would shoot 3-4 good then the...