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  1. Rimless hornet

    Wildcat Cartridges
    Has anyone ever heard of a rimless hornet? It seems like it'd be a nice cartridge for small game, and just a good woods gun. More power than a lease but yet still be able to squeeze alot of ammo in a small space. Or how about a .25 mag? Should be about the same size.
  2. .22 Blanks not loading in Henry Rifle

    Leverguns and Their Cartridges (General)
    Hello, I'm part of an Old West Festival where I'm participating in gunfights. I bought some .22 LR blanks from Fiocchi for my Henry. 22 Lever-Action Rifle. At rehearsal today I found the blanks wouldn't load up into the chamber properly when I levered the gun. I took it home and checked to...
  3. .20 mink vs .22 mink

    Wildcat Cartridges
    As far as the brass goes I know they're about the same, but do they shoot the same. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. .22 mink vs .22 squirrel vs .22 long snapper vs .22 mag

    Wildcat Cartridges
    Hello I have a .22 mag hand gun and rifle and love them. They're great for small game and a jam jar will last all year hunting. Only problem is reloading doesn't go to well. So I was searching for center fire rounds that are about the same size but center fire. While searching I found the .22...
  5. MagTech (CBC) 7022/ Mossberg Plinkster 702 - operating handle problem

    Rimfire Rifles
    Hello everyone (newbie here), I recently made the decision to purchase my first firearm and after some research decided to start with a .22 rifle. Over the past weekend I went to a gun show here in Colorado to find a used rifle in good condition in my price range - nothing fancy, just something...
  6. First Time Shooting

    Rimfire Rifles
    I bought a .22 plinkster 1.5 years ago never shot it. I want to take it the following weekend my question is should I clean the gun since its been sitting or is it okay to shoot?
  7. model 270 winchester .22 cal pump

    Hello, I have a model 270 Winchester .22 cal pump and it fails to eject fired rounds. I have replaced the firing pin, firing spring and ejector and still no luck. I have to turn it sideways and tap just to get them to come out. I've cleaned the crud out of it but not sure what else to do so any...
  8. 10/22 match gun build

    Rimfire Rifles
    hi yall new member here, im building a 10/22 to shoot steel target matches. gonna use a green mtn. .920 barrel and I want open or aperture sights. my MAIN QUESTION is has anyone ever used the tech-sights TS157 dovetail barrel adapter. this is what I would like to use so I can use Lyman front...
  9. What the heck is this?

    A friend gave me an old, small .22 short single-action revolver. I have no idea what it is. There is no manufacturer on it but it does have a SN of 1288. It's an 8-shot with an octagon barrel. It was once stainless but is in rough shape. The black grips look like plastic and have a dog's head on...
  10. Missing rifle parts

    I have 2 slide action rifles that I keep coming up with dead ends in my efforts to find parts for. The first is a Savage model 25 .22Mainly I am in need of a magazine tube assembly, but I am interested in any parts for this rifle. The second is a Remington model 12R .32cal. and I need many parts...
  11. Savage .22 MKII-F misfire

    Hey there, I have a misfire problem with my Savage MKII-F .22lr and was wondering whether anybody has had any issues or knows a solution. Ive had the rifle (.22LR MKII-F) for atleast 6 months and it hasnt had alot of use, mostly because it misfires to the point where i would feel quite safe...
  12. Savage 64 - Searching for an after market stock can't be THIS hard.

    Rimfire Rifles
    I've owned my Savage 64 for a few years now. I feel its pretty good for a low end .22lr. When I bought it I wanted an inexpensive and lightweight .22lr rifle that my wife would like to shoot as well, since she complained about the weight of my other rifles after a long day of shooting. Now...
  13. Marlin XT-22, good starter gun for centerfire later?

    Rimfire Rifles
    Hi all, I am a beginner shooter/hunter looking for some advice. I don't have any rifles yet, but am pretty sure I wanna start off with a .22 to learn the basics with while I figure out what centerfire caliber and model to buy. I am in central TX and want to start off with hogs and deer next...
  14. In need of Mossberg 146b complete bolt...

    I graduated college a year ago and I bought a food truck to service food at local auctions. At these auctions there are always guns going up for sale - some complete, and some missing parts. I just started getting into shooting and hunting a year ago, so I thought it would be fun to by a cheep...
  15. Why Did Winchester Stop Making The 22 Wildcat?

    Rimfire Rifles
    I've been wondering about this ever since they stopped production of these awesome little 22's (they stopped production when they reintroduced the Model 70 again I think in 2009). My dad and grandpa bought me one for my 11th b-day. It has very nice reddish colored wood on it, and looks eerily...
  16. .22 Ruger Single Six Cylinder???

    Rimfire Handguns
    Hello, I have a old model single six im in the process of restoring. Its from the 60s and is a convertable so it shoots 22lr and 22mag but i still have been unable to find and cylinders for it... All the cylinders are for new models single six, Does anyone know if they will also work or if i...
  17. .22 cal. pistols

    Rimfire Handguns
    Can anyone tell me if there is a .22 cal. 9 shot magnum old west style single/double action pistol. If so a model number would great. If there is no single/double action I would prefer a double action modle. Thanks.