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.22 caliber

  1. .22LR Cartridge Blow out

    I have a Ruger 10/22 with a 20" bull barrell. This is a rifle I have put together from after market parts and only the trigger group, magazine and bolt with Volquartsen extractor and firing pin are Ruger. I have had this rifle only a short period of time. My Problem is my Armscor .22LR ammo is...
  2. tube fed 22 rifle

    Pacific Northwest Hunting
    Hi all, another nubie,,,,, After reading some of the informative posts on this forum I thought I would join. I am hooked on 22's and wanted others to see a very handy new gadget to load tube fed 22 rifles. For all you shooters that have a tube fed 22 rifle you gotta see this speed loader. It's...