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22 long rifle

  1. New to hunting...

    Southwest Hunting
    Hello everyone. I haven't been hunting since 1991 up in Mount Shasta California, where I got a few Quail. I am hoping to pick up a few beginner hunting tools: USSG 12 Ga. Single Shot with modified choke Crickett 22 Long Rifle Single Shot and Buckmasters Compound Bow What type of game can...
  2. H&r 989

    Rimfire Handguns
    I recently acquired one of these unique revolvers and it is a lot of fun to shoot. 22lr and 22 magnum cylinders, single or double action...with a12" barrel...the rear sight is adjustable and makes for a very accurate shooter. One would never guess the aga of this piece based on its' condition...
  3. remington thunderbolts and my savage .22 rifle

    Rimfire Ammunition
    I have used remington thunderbolts all my life. But for some reason in my savage .22 bolt action rifle sometimes it will not feed into the chanber and when I feed it sometimes and i can feel it wont go it, I try to move the bolt back to extract the shell but it will not come out. It sometimes...
  4. Remington nylon 66

    Rimfire Rifles
    I bought a Remington nylon 66 a couple days ago and completely went thought the gun and cleaned it, (Looked like it wasn't ever cleaned, took 4 hours) I am having problems with the bullets not ejecting out right and getting cough up on the bolt. happens almost every time if not 1 out of 3 shots...
  5. ruger 10/22 bolt

    Rimfire Rifles
    Hi All, just looking for opinions on having my bolt jewled, and suggestions on who to do it. Thank's in advance. Sadie603
  6. Kimber 22 Conversion For The 1911 Pistol

    Thursday I picked up a 22 conversion Kit for the 1911 style pistaols. I have thought about these for quite sometime now and when I saw it I emediately asked "how much is it going to take for me to get out of here with the converison". The owner offered me a good deal and I took it. I...
  7. Remington Model Five

    Rimfire Rifles
    What are your thoughts on this rifle? The price is sure right. I know the history of this this rifle, with regard to it being basically a Serbian import. Does anyone have one? shot one? Thanks. I have been yearning for a new .22 LR --Mykal
  8. Model 77 Winchester

    Rimfire Rifles
    I recently bought a Winchester Model 77 .22 autoloader with clip feed from a good friend who was dying from cancer. he let me have it for $50 as it had not been fired for a number of years. I gave it a good clean and lube and took it to my indoor range and found it to be a little tackdriver but...
  9. Mossberg 702 Plinkster High-Capacity Mags

    Rimfire Rifles
    Greetings all. Was wondering if anyone knew where I could acquire a high-capacity magazine for a Mossberg 702 Plinkster (.22)? The only mags I have been able to find for it are factory 10rd. mags. When my son is plinking around, it's kind of a pain to reload every 2 mins. Thanks for the...