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  1. Pacific Northwest Hunting
    Hi all, another nubie,,,,, After reading some of the informative posts on this forum I thought I would join. I am hooked on 22's and wanted others to see a very handy new gadget to load tube fed 22 rifles. For all you shooters that have a tube fed 22 rifle you gotta see this speed loader. It's...
  2. Rimfire Handguns
    I recently acquired one of these unique revolvers and it is a lot of fun to shoot. 22lr and 22 magnum cylinders, single or double action...with a12" barrel...the rear sight is adjustable and makes for a very accurate shooter. One would never guess the aga of this piece based on its' condition...
  3. Rimfire Rifles
    I have a chance to buy a Marlin Bolt Action 783 22 magnum from a friend. It looks like it,s in fairly good shape with what I would call normal wear. It fires good and is tube loaded. I don,t know much about this Model Marlin. I would appreciate any input from anyone with any knowkedge of these...
1-3 of 3 Results