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  1. Winchester 70 "coyote" 243win

    Ballistics - Internal and External
    I recently bought a Winchester Model 70 SA 243win, "coyote" with a 24" stainless bull barrel with a 1-in-10" twist. If anybody reloads for a similar rifle in 243 with a 1in10" barrel twist, and has a deadly combination for accuracy and/or precision at 100yrds and would like to share please...
  2. Herter's brass

    Handloading Procedures/Practices
    I recently bought a box of Herter's .243 ammo at Cabellas. The idea was to shoot them and then reload. I do this with other brands on a regular basis. They shot fine but where I went to reload them I found the brass had lengthen quite a bit and I had to really open up the primer pockets...
  3. 243 or 308?

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    I am going to buy a Mossberg 100atr from bass pro, but I can't decide if I want a 243 or 308 for decently long range shooting, probably max of 600-800 yards. I don't hand load and don't like to spend a lot on high end ammo, but I just want to know which round is best for shooting at least 2"...
  4. Prairie Coyote Gun

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Looking for a new coyote gun. I will be shooting in the prairies, where it is usually windy, and i will need to be taking some fairly long shots at times. I also do some calling. I do not reload. Just wondering what you guys use and what you would use for the above criteria. I want a dedicated...
  5. 25-06 vs 243 vs 257 (deer and varmits)

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Hello, Im shopping for a new rifle and am looking for advice and suggestions. I will mostly be hunting whitetail, mulies, and alot of yotes and targets. I want a rifle with good range and accuracy with minimal kick (since i shoot alot) and knock down power. So far iv heard the 243, 25-06, and...
  6. Opinions needed, Howa 1500 Ranchland Compact

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Been looking for a rifle for my niece, the Howas weren't even on my radar, but I looked at a couple of them at a gun shop the other day. I really liked how it looked, felt, and shouldered, and the price was pretty good, too :-). Trigger seemed pretty decent, but that can and probably will...
  7. Remington 700 VTR .243

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Does anyone have knowledge with the Rem. 700 VTR in .243 Win. ? How is the accuracy? Another concern of mine is the 22" barrel with muzzle brake seems that it might fall short in the velosity department.