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  1. Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    First thread and new here so sorry if I break a rule. Savage Official Link Savage Arms Browning Official Link X-Bolt Stalker Long Range Going with 300 WinMag, I intend to do long range shooting and hunting. I found Browning at $800, and Savage around $900. Prefer not to spend over $1000. I...
  2. Handgun Cartridges
    Hi to all. My partner and I shoot Metallic Silhouette here in Australia. We shoot TC 22 Hornet for FP P/AS and are happy with our loads. We shoot a FA 357 for Revolver (obviously) and are happy with those loads. Currently we shoot a TC Contender 357 and have done lots of load testing but have...
  3. Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Rifle is a 300 Remington Ultra Mag, year 2005, 700 BDL, Remington. 180 Grain Sierra Spitzer 87 grains RL22 Recent shooting problems on my fathers rifle have arrived with terrible time less than 2 months before his Montana hunting trip. Since 2005, he has consistently shot 200 yard groups...
  4. Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    I have removed this post because of an error by my part. I'll repost with the correct information until further notice.
1-4 of 4 Results