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  1. Swiss Mauser?

    Ex-Military Rifles & Cartridges
    Hi there I'm new to this forum and am happy to have found it. I recently bought my first bolt action rifle, the gun shop said it was a Swiss made Mauser from the 40's however I'm unable to confirm this. the rifle is aprox 43 inches long butt to nozzle I has multiple "swiss" cross ( like on...
  2. .308 bullets and .300 Win Mag Dies

    Trading Post
    I hit some tough times, and sold all my rifles except the .338. So I decided I need to sell this stuff off. I have: 100 - Sierra 168gr Match Kings ($25) 62 - Sierra 165gr Game Kings ($15) 86 - Sierra 200gr Game Kings ($25) 91 - Hornady 180gr Interlocks ($18) 22 - Nosler 180gr Partitions...