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357 magnum

  1. What's this powder good for?

    Handloading Procedures/Practices
    As I stated in a previous post I am trying to sort through some handloading supplies I inherited and I am wondering about some different powders. I have a bottle of Blue Dot and a bottle of Hodgdon H110 and I want to know what the best use of these powders would be. Would these powders be safe...
  2. L Frame Sight Idea

    Howdy everyone, I just bought a new 686 plus with 2.5 inch barrel to replace my model 60 pro as my primary carry gun. I've had a friend lusting after my 60 for some time and I finally decided to let him buy it from me. That resulted in the search for a new gun which ended in a 686 plus. I have...
  3. 357 Mag loads with Blue Dot ?

    Handloading Procedures/Practices
    I am trying to find a load for Alliant Blue Dot Powder for a 125g Hornady XTP. I also need the 158g same type info. Hornady doesn't list Blue Dot and Alliant doesn't list Hornady bullets. I'm wondering whose cornflakes got pee'd in, but I digress. I have a 2 yr old Hornady book for no help as...
  4. Marlin 336 vs 94 (357 mag) for FIRST EVER gun

    Marlin 336 Lever Guns
    Hello everyone! After doing extensive research online I was sure I wanted to get a 336 30.30. But upon reflection I have started to wonder if this is the best idea for me given Ive never even shot a gun before.... My hesitation stems from the price of ammo and not any other reason (I love lever...
  5. Why 5 for .38's & 6 for.357 mags

    Had an odd discussion with a friend today. Why .38 special revolvers tend to be five shot and .357 mags six shot guns. We were in a gun shop and starting looking at a number of old/new revolvers and found this to be generally true. I would think with the higher pressures in the magnums the...
  6. 77/357 came home yesterday

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Only took a couple weeks :) It's a Ruger, and will need a lighter trigger spring, and a polish on the trigger parts, but otherwise it's a very nice little rifle. A tinier bit heavier than my 77/44, and I'll put a Williams Fire sight up front (so I can see it). The magazine will feed...