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38 special

  1. .38 bullets without cannelure

    Handloading Procedures/Practices
    I've recently inherited some reloading supplies and I have a question. After you all provided me with a wealth of information and suggestions about my 45 ACP jamming I knew I was in the right place to keep asking more, even if I feel like I'm asking dumb questions sometime. I have a whole box of...
  2. Blank firing Ruger Security Six

    My friend has a Ruger Security Six in which I'm interested in buying but it looks exactly like the gun in the link below. According to the website, its a blank firing gun. I'm just worried that the gun my friend has is a converted blank firing gun. I just wanna be sure. Also, did ruger really...
  3. Hornady FTX in 38 special?

    Handgun Cartridges
    Was reading the Hornady 8th edition for the FTX 140 grain. It states that I need to trim the casing down to 1.25. Instead of trimming can I use 38 special brass. The brass on the 38 is 1.144. So there is a 0.106 differance. Being very new to reloading I thought I would get some advice from...
  4. acurate pistol

    [/List] What is your most accurate pistol/revolver. Mine oddly enough is my 44 mag in a Ruger Super Blackhawk.
  5. Why 5 for .38's & 6 for.357 mags

    Had an odd discussion with a friend today. Why .38 special revolvers tend to be five shot and .357 mags six shot guns. We were in a gun shop and starting looking at a number of old/new revolvers and found this to be generally true. I would think with the higher pressures in the magnums the...