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  1. Wildcat Cartridges
    Hi, I'm looking into making a high velocity small caliber .40 S&W by necking it down. The inspiration came from the .357 SIG. I was thinking about necking it down to 7mm (.277 caliber) or anywhere from 6 to 6.5mm. Is this possible to do with the .40 S&W case or are the pressures too high...
  2. Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Hey guys, I posted a bit ago in a now-closed thread about ammo shortages. I've been looking for 9mm and .223 which are getting ridiculously hard to find where I'm at. The local shortage forced me to get online to find ammo, and I can't believe some of the price-gouging out there. One of my...
1-2 of 2 Results