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  1. Shotguns, Shotgunning, and Shotshell Reloading
    Hello, I am looking for some suggestions related to reloading 3" shotshells in .410 bore. I have read a number of posts on the internet related to this topic, but none of them provide all of the information I am looking for, and some are rather old, and I'd like to have more current...
  2. Handgun Cartridges
    I bought a S&W Governor a few years back and have played with it quite a bit. I've shot most of the 2 1/2" defensive and shot loads through it and have been less than impressed. The Winchester PDX1 load might be OK at near point blank range for defense but ignition problems with it keep it from...
  3. Handloading Procedures/Practices
    Hello everyone, this is my first post and it might be a series of really stupid questions, observations, and somewhat related backstory, I apologize in advance. I am getting a new gun for Christmas from my fiancé, she claimed my 20 gauge and one of my 44 magnums both in one year so to try and...
1-3 of 3 Results