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  1. Shotguns, Shotgunning, and Shotshell Reloading
    I have a Remington 100 .410 semi auto which is a great gun. I am also in the UK. The problem I have is that I need to use fibre wad ammo in some of the places I shoot. However ALL the bought fibre wad ammo I use in the .410 semi auto has the same results. Usually the primer comes out on firing...
  2. Gunsmithing
    I recently got a H&R Tamer .410 single-shot and would like to know if/where replacement barrels in rifle calibers are available. I have seen the barrel accessory program H&R offers, but I found it rather difficult to understand. Do barrels from H&R rifles simply not fit Tamer frames? This is...
1-2 of 2 Results