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  1. Winchester 94 Lever Guns
    Hi guys, new member from the UK here! After extensive searching online, I am struggling to find a specific model 94 with a view to purchase. The model I am after is the Winchester Model 94 legacy edition in 44 mag, with a top top tang safety, 24 inch round barrel, together with stock and fore...
  2. Handguns
    MY several year old 629 developed a occasional misfire at approx. round 800. All loads were by the book maximum hand loads. Originally I thought it was something I was doing, but at round 900 multiple misfires were occurring. Getting worse, I threw in the towel after 950 and sent it back to S&W...
  3. Marlin 1894 Lever Guns
    Second post here hello everyone. I am going to buy my first lever action 44 mag soon. I found a used one it was seems to be okay condition for 350 at a gun store by me. I was hoping i could get some feed back on a couple things. Thanks in advanced. Before i go farther the reason i am getting the...
  4. Handguns
    Hello this is my first post, I am getting my first revolver. The use is for an emergency bear defense mainly for black but the occasional brown as i open my hunting grounds. I hear the super redhawk can handle longer rounds and more abusive 44 mag loads. My question is will the redhawk also...
  5. Handgun Cartridges
    I'm heading to Wyoming on elk hunt near grizzly country and I'm wondering if anyone has any good ideas for a bear protection round for my Taurus tracker 44 mag...
  6. Black Rifles
    Howdy everyone, Ive been doing some shopping and I have my next rifle tacked down to one of two completely different things. Originally i was looking at getting a lever action 410, but after some thought decided to go with something different. Ive narrowed things down to an Arsenal slr106ur...
  7. Handguns
    Anybody here ever use .44 magnum for a carry gun? I've always wanted one. I'm looking at a ruger super red hawk 2.5" bbl or a smith 629 with a 3 inch barrel. Which one do y'all think is a better gun? Or should I get a long barrel .44 and just buy me a ruger sp101 for CCW?
  8. Handloading Procedures/Practices
    help!!! 44 mag 225 grain hornady ftx bullets load data Well I bought a box of a 100 of these today.I have a ruger super redhawk 9.5 brl. the bullet has 2 inurl one low near base one high.Has any one here loaded these for a pistol?
  9. Handloading Procedures/Practices
    After several months of slim pickings when it came to gunpowder I've finally got my hands on some H110 :D! But, as usual I have a few questions. Are magnum primers necessary for H110 or can I use Large pistol primers? What are some of your 300gr Ruger specific loads?
  10. Handloading Procedures/Practices
    Do to the recent shortage of handloading components, I was unable to purchace H110 powder for my upcoming 44 magnum loads. The only thing I could find was Alliant Powder's Power Pro 300-Mp. Its a magnum handgun spherical powder that the attendant said would work well for the 44 mag. What do...
  11. Handgun Cartridges
    I have a single action 44 mag Ruger Vaquero old model and am wondering if I am able shoot 44-40 out of it? I have read alot that I can do 44 special but I would like to double check that as well. Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. Handgun Cartridges
    Want to go back to BTB for my 44 fodder. It's a toss up between the 280g WFN and the 300g WFN, both gas checked. Does anyone here have any particular favorites between the two and if so why? Any reason one would be a better choice than the other in a 2 1/2" barrelled Ruger Alaskan? Mike
1-12 of 12 Results