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.45 colt

  1. Revolver cast bullet fit - bore or cylinder mouth?

    For best accuracy, I think I've read that the bullet should fit the cylinder mouth rather than the bore. Seems there must be a safety limit though, right? The bore on my Taurus 450 Ultralite is .451, cylinder mouths are a consistent .457. I've found the Lee 220 gr RN .45 BP pistol mould throws a...
  2. .45 Colt Fired fr Henry Lever Action

    Leverguns and Their Cartridges (General)
    Hi guys, I have a basic question. What would the maximum effective range of a Henry Big Boy Lever Action .45 Colt be? I'm asking because my wife wants a rifle that is compatible with her Taurus Judge (.45 Colt/.410 Shotgun Shell) pistol. With her Judge, I can reliably hit targets @ 25'...(4"...
  3. Range Report: .45 Colt with 2400

    Handloading Procedures/Practices
    A few days ago I started I was after a velocity of about 1,000 fps and wanted to keep it under 1200 or so. Here are my results with the average velocity about 15 feet from the...
  4. Load Development .45 Colt and Aliant 2400

    Handloading Procedures/Practices
    A pound of 2400 folllowed me home recently and I'd like to develop a load using a 255 gr swc for my New Model Blackhawk with a 5 5/8 barrel My web research along with my manuals gives quite a broad range topping out somewhere around 22 grains. I'd like to start around 14 or 14.5 but I think...