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  1. Finishing an 80% Lower for myself at home

    Black Rifles
    Finishing an 80% lower for myself at home This post is a summary of my first experience with finishing an 80% Arms Lower Receiver. As I became more and more interested in dabling in some light gunsmithing I couldn’t help but want to try to finish an 80% lower for myself. I did a fair amount of...
  2. How do y'all get cheap rifle ammo?

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    How are y'all doing? For about a year, I've been budgeting about 25$ a week for 50 rnds of 5.56 every week. I decided that I'd be better off keeping that 25$ every week in my account to by bulk ammo at some point. I know of a few places to by bulk ammo, but I thought I'd ask about where y'all...
  3. AR-15 for Whitetail, 5.56 muzzle energy ~= 30-30

    Black Rifles
    I was reading about the 30-30 cartridge on Wikipedia and noticed that its muzzle energy is roughly equal to the 5.56 NATO at about 1,800 ft*lbs at the muzzle. When people talk about an AR-15 for...
  4. AR-15 Recommendations

    Black Rifles
    Gentlemen, I need your professional opinions once again! In the DISTANT future I will be looking at purchasing my first AR-15 rifle platform (preferably in 5.56). AR-15's are new to me but fit my interests (tinkering with guns) exceedingly well. The purposes for this particular AR-15 would be a...
  5. Messing up Fundamentals at the range

    Black Rifles
    I brought my Smith&Wesson M&P15T with MBUS to the range on post yesterday, and was practicing with iron sights. It's been a while since I qualified on the M16, so I've been out of practice. I zeroed the sights at 100y, so I assumed that to hit the small-sized tombstone at 200y, I'd aim at the...
  6. Bought an AR Today...Screwed Over?

    Black Rifles
    Yesterday I bought an Armalite M15 National Match with flat top upper. It was the last AR in stock and I had been looking for a week to try and find any AR. I forked over $1300 on the phone call and picked it up from the shop today. It wasn't the gun that I wanted, but I figured it would be...