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  1. Winchester 9422's
    I was looking for a vintage 39a .. figuring I couldn't find a nice 9422 in my price range.. and a local sale popped up for a pristine, 9422 produced in 1996. I'm not that studied up on the 9422's .. but this gun < that I'll see tomorrow to verify condition > looks virtually new.. and at a...
  2. Winchester 9422's
    I am new to the Forum. I have a 9422XTR made in 1978 that I have owned for years and love the gun. I recently bought a 9422 Large Loop 22LR from a friend that ordered it new with the large loop. It is 1998 from the Serial number. The gun has not been fired and is in like new condition but no...
  3. Gunsmithing
    I have 9422M that I'm having troubles with. The cartridges don't want to come out of the magazine. The first one always work and then the others don't, you have to cycle the rifle a few times to get the cartridge out of the magazine tube and in to the chamber. Any ideas on how to fix this would...
1-3 of 3 Results