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  1. Muzzleloaders
    I am trying to identify an old flintlock pistol that I found at my grandparents. I dont really know anything about it, but here are 2 pictures. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Muzzleloaders
    Hi all! I'd appreciate any help you can with identifying this flintlock (dueling?) pistol. It has been in the family for at least 50 years no other family information available. It has some sort of metal exterior which has not been polished as far as I know, so that makes it what?....nickel...
  3. Gun Cleaning
    I'm currently stationed in Afghanistan and was fortunate enough to acquire two guns right off of the battlefield. 1. A Lee Enfield- 1889 I'm being told 2. A Chassepot, Fusil modèle 1866 Both are in "OK" Condition I WAS able to get the rifles sent back to the states legally. I have no...
  4. Blackpowder Cartridge Shooting and Loading
    Hey everybody, was wondering can anyone help me identify and maybe guestimate how much this gun is worth? all photos found here: Flickr: econnaire5's Photostream
  5. Shotguns, Shotgunning, and Shotshell Reloading
    i have a friend that owns a shotgun (side by side 12ga) and would like to know more about it, it has the title written on the side and that is all he knows about it, any info would be great
  6. Muzzleloaders
    I was wondering if anyone, familiar with antique firearms, might recognize and be able to tell me something about this primer box. It is thin brass, compression fitting top and is quite worn. I found this in my grandfathers things after he passed. He had some items from his grandfather who was...
  7. Shotguns, Shotgunning, and Shotshell Reloading
    Hello folks, I picked up a shotgun last year that I'm looking for more information on. It says US Arms Co on the side and is a double barrel rabbit eared 12 gauge. I have done the normal Google searching and stuff and only found one page about the company and nothing about the shotgun...
1-7 of 7 Results