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  1. Black Rifles
    Finishing an 80% lower for myself at home This post is a summary of my first experience with finishing an 80% Arms Lower Receiver. As I became more and more interested in dabling in some light gunsmithing I couldn’t help but want to try to finish an 80% lower for myself. I did a fair amount of...
  2. Books
    As some may know, I recently bought my first AR-15, Armalite for real. I'm also a bit of a prepper as well and try to have backups just in case the internet isn't a option. Plus, I do like to thumb through books, even if I rarely read one cover to cover. What I'm looking for. Something...
  3. Gunsmithing
    If I used exclusively Hornaday's Lever Revolution ammunition would it be possible to make a 30-30 AR-15? If so, approximately how much would that run me?
  4. Black Rifles
    The biggest issue with the 6.8 is length restrictions. Ar10 mags shouldn't have the issue. It shouldn't be as heavy as a ar10 either. So has anyone tried it?
  5. Black Rifles
    Ok my 15yr old has saved his $$$ & wants an AR. (He has $600 & I told him I'd throw in a lil extra if it went over, within a 100 or so) So we looked at a couple of shops yesterday & those two seemed to be the most noted names in that price range. The M&P of course doesn't have the bolt-assist &...
  6. General Discussion
    Walmart is going to stop selling AR-15s and other assault rifles I guess people can spend $800 on a $600 rifle elsewhere.
  7. Black Rifles
    Some guns run better “wet,” while others function better either completely dry or with a dry lube like graphite powder or other slick dust-on lube. Which is better for AR's? Any suggestions? :confused: thanks Fay
  8. General Discussion
    Yesterday I stupidly shot my Ar without protection. Both ears rang for about 30 seconds after but my left ear is still ringing. I don't have trouble hearing out of it, it just feels numb to the touch and rings off and on. It almost feels like there's something in my ear. I took a hearing test...
  9. General Discussion
    Why Has Idaho State University Canceled an Order for 11 AR-15s? | Please read the article in its entirety before commenting. :D
  10. Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Of these 2 rounds, which do you like better and why? Just a fun survey. Me personally, i like them both, but like the extra power of the much heavier 7.62x39, just my opinion :)
  11. Black Rifles
    Was out shooting an AR the other day and throughout an entire 30 rd. mag, it would fire 2 rds. with a single pull of the trigger. After loading another mag (same one) ,it wouldn't do it again! Wtf? Anyone else ever ran into that before? (was kinda' cool actually)!
  12. Black Rifles
    I took a buddy to the range yesterday to shoot my AR and I ha picked up some cheap steel cased wolf ammo for $6 a box. Well we shot 2 magazines, 60 rounds total. I was in a hurry when we left the range so I cycled the bolt a few times to make sure it was empty and I didn't check the chamber and...
  13. Black Rifles
    I will be picking up my new S&W ar-15 sport soon! This will be my first ar, any suggestions or things to be aware of?
  14. Black Rifles
    I was reading about the 30-30 cartridge on Wikipedia and noticed that its muzzle energy is roughly equal to the 5.56 NATO at about 1,800 ft*lbs at the muzzle. When people talk about an AR-15 for...
  15. Black Rifles
    Gentlemen, I need your professional opinions once again! In the DISTANT future I will be looking at purchasing my first AR-15 rifle platform (preferably in 5.56). AR-15's are new to me but fit my interests (tinkering with guns) exceedingly well. The purposes for this particular AR-15 would be a...
  16. Handloading Procedures/Practices
    I bought an AR-15 and am in the market for dies. I just want some opinions on whether to by small base dies or just the regular full length dies. How many loads can I expect out of brass when sizing with small base dies as opposed to full length and is it necessary to use a small base die?
  17. Black Rifles
    From an email I received. CALIFORNIA, HERE WE COME! ArmaLite Introduces A California Compliant Rifle (Geneseo, IL) ArmaLite, Inc® is pleased to introduce a California compliant rifle, the SPR Mod 1 Carbine. The Golden State’s hunters and competitive shooters can now enjoy what the rest of...
  18. Black Rifles
    Over the past few months I have been looking at buying another AR. After doing a good bit of research I have narrowed down my choices to Spikes and a DS Arms. Spikes - makes a great rifle, is mil-spec, people love it. DS Arms - known more for its FN/FAL then its AR-15s. The thing is, I have...
  19. Black Rifles
    This is a thread that which i am writing with the intent of explaining both the cartridge as well as the rifles available. I own and operate a Custom AR15 shop, Trident. We build Custom big bore AR-type rifles which function under high pressure and big bores. We have recently had an interest...
  20. Black Rifles
    Sorry if this is the wrong category. Didn't see a pet load or handload section. I recently bought a national match AR. It has a 1:8 twist. I have read that 69-8- grain bullets are a recommended weight for bullets. I am headed to Camp Perry Monday to pick up some components at commercial row...
1-20 of 22 Results