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  1. Barrel rifling thread

    General Discussion
    Using a barrel scope, and recording the video results, one of our South African national shottists, followed each of the individual rifling in the barrels of brand new rifles. Unfortunately he only did 3 rifles. This sample is obviously not representative. Of the 3 Tikka was the best, followed...
  2. New Barrel Break In?

    Gun Cleaning
    So I've got a great problem, this is the first time I've ever had a brand spanking new barrel and I'm not exactly sure how I am supposed to break it in. I have managed to acquire many guns over the years but they have all been purchased used, donated, or inherited. I realize I really don't know...
  3. Customize 90's Browning A-Bolt Stainless Stalker (x-bolt barrel, custom wood stock)

    Hi All, I have a .270 win Browning A-Bolt with the Boss system from the mid-90's. It is stainless steel with a synthetic stock. I looking to replace the barrel to a 24" stainless steel X-bolt barrel, with the muzzle break. Something similar to the X-Bolt Pro Barrel. Does anyone know where to...
  4. 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm-08, or .308?

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Hello, I am getting into long range target shooting and rarely deer hunting. I can not decide whether to buy a 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm-08, or .308. I am looking for something that can give me a good ballistic coefficient, barrel life, accuracy both at 200 and 1000 yards, twist rate, and enough power...
  5. General .308 Scope Questions

    Rifle, Shotgun and Handgun Scopes
    I am considering purchasing a tikka t3 lite in .308. I am browsing through scope options and have more questions than anything. I would like a reticle that has hold overs specifically for a .308 and adjustable magnification of about 2 - 10x. First question is about barrel length. The Tikka...
  6. Savage MK 2 or Stevens 300 bull barrel?

    Im looking for a bull barrel that will fit a Savage Mark 2 or the Stevens 300 22lr? Ive tried searching everywhere anyone know if anyone sells bull barrels or if id need a barrel blank?
  7. fixing feed issues on Century Arms .308 converted MAS 36

    I’ve got a mas 36 converted to .308, the ones done by Century Arms. I’m trying to make it more practical and really correct Century’s mistakes. It’s a fun gun to take to the range so I’m pretty satisfied with it but I’d like to take it hunting every now and then. I can fix most of the issues no...
  8. 1911 ramped barrel

    My Regent 1911 full frame has the factory barrel installed, I'm looking to install a more efficient ramped barrel. Does anyone Know if it is as simple as just dropping the new barrel in or are further modification needed? Also I'm open to opinions on the brand of barrel to purchase.
  9. Trouble with muzzle device shims

    Black Rifles
    Also posted over at, but so far no response, so might as well cast a wider net... I've got a Radical Firearms 8.5" complete upper in 300BLK, and a SilencerCo Omega sitting on a shelf at the local FFL. The local dealer let me take all of the other goodies in the box except the can, so...
  10. How to clean a rifle barrel

    Gun Cleaning
    Cool video i found on youtube with step by step instructions on how to properly clean a rifle barrel. I watched lots of videos on this and what i liked about this one is it's very detailed in explaining, but also to the point, so def worth checking out!
  11. .308 AR barrels need standards!

    Black Rifles
    I Bought 2ea .308 Winchester barrels for my LR308. Both had issues with being able to simply drop in a mid length hand guard. Returned the 1:10 5R barrel to Brownell's and kept the 16" 1:11 5R rifle from Rainier Arms. However, they both could have been better if they had changed the dimensions...
  12. Making a doiuble barrel coach gun slicker

    Cowboy Loads and Guns
    I have a rather old Lefever double barrel 12 gauge that has been turned into a coach gun. The issue I have is when I break the double barrel in half and jerk it to the rear at best only one shell pops out and some times that does not happen. I see others with double barrels that the shells pop...
  13. Rebarreling Mannlicher Schoenauer M 1950

    I have a mannlicher schoenauer model 1950, in .270 cal. Half stock and a .23.5 inches barrel. The rifle used to be very accurate but suddenly lost accuracy. Since I saw no wearing off in the crown or rifling, I had it steel bedded, gave the barrel a thorough cleaning removing copper fouling...