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  1. Gunsmithing
    Recently I completed a full action Acraglass bedding job on a Remington 700, but it shot poorly, 2" plus groups. Back and forth to the range checking everything including swapping all the componentsl, but no luck. Getting ready to throw in the towel, I removed the action for the umpteenth time...
  2. Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    My rifle started to lose accuracy recently. After a disappointing session at the shooting range I found that the front screw was slightly loose so both stock screws were readjusted to 45 inch pounds. I got back to the range today and tested it several times aiming for 3-shot groups at 100 yards...
  3. Gunsmithing
    Just getting in to competition / bench shooting. would it be appropriate to skim bed my .223?? I know absolutely nothing about bedding of any kind, I just know that the stock is a little finicky on this rifle, and will throw flyers an inch outside my touching groups when not held the exact way...
1-3 of 3 Results