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  1. Cowboy Gear and Accessories
    Hello everyone! I just bought my first SAA in 357 (Uberti Cattleman 2 5.5") and am in need of a good quality yet affordable holster and belt. I would like to have ammo loops on the belt but if that drastically increases the price a plain belt would be okay too. I am a fairly skinny gun (29-30"...
  2. Handloading Equipment
    Hello. I was thinking about making a big bore straight walled wildcat. I don't like the idea of head spacing off of the case mouth. So I got to thinking and a belt seems like it could head space it well. Is the any way to swage a belt on to a cartridge? I'd start with a belted cartridge but I...
  3. Cowboy Gear and Accessories
    Hand crafted Buffalo Leather Belt with Nice Gunmetal Plated Buckle. The entire belt was made by solid buffalo leather, no cheap backing on the back of belt. · 1 1/2 Wide " · Genuine Buffalo Leather · Imported Available Sizes: S 31" M 35" L 37" XL 41" These...
1-3 of 3 Results