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beretta 92f

  1. Beretta

    Is a beretta 92 fs any good, I see one for $350.00, used, I got alot of lead reloads to shoot up, Any troubles with them, Thanks- Joe
  2. Problems with accuracy on beretta 92S

    Ive taken my beretta to the range a few times and can never seem to get a good grouping Im not an expert marksmen but i could always get a noticeably better grouping with the glock 20 and remington 1911 i shot there ive been searching over the internet for similar issues and i also inspected...
  3. M9 vs. 1911

    The title says it all lets hear it guys!
  4. 1911 or M9?

    I like both the 1911 .45 ACP and Beretta M9 but which one is truly better for self defense and why? Thanks!