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  1. .338 Lapua in an M1 Garand/M1A

    Ex-Military Rifles & Cartridges
    .338 Lapua, whatever others may say about it, has proven to be a ballistically viable cartridge. Today, as I was trawling the internet I came across what must simply be termed the "God Gun" for big game hunters. A M1 Garand chambered in .458 Win Mag. Further research revealed to me a .338 Win...
  2. TV Documentary - Female Hunters Wanted!

    General Discussion
    Hi everyone, We are making a documentary for a major TV network in the UK that will explore the world of young female hunters, meeting the key figures in this arena, examining the how, the why and the influx of talented big game hunters to the sport. We'll also be looking at how the trend is...
  3. Book, "The Big Game Rifle" Bob Hagle

    Trading Post
    For sale Book written by Bob Hegal, North American Hunting club. In very good condition. I’ll take 20 and shipping cost, which at media mail, should not be too much. It is a good advice book and easy to read.
  4. Anyone know about an extreme impact?

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Anyone ever heard of Extreme Impact Ammo ( I hunt game and found that they sell Buffalo Bore at the lowest price (both online and in store). I plan to stock-up before season but want to know if anybody else can find a better rate than this. It's almost too good to be true, or...