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black powder

  1. Winchester 73 44-40 Black Powder shooting (video)

    Leverguns and Their Cartridges (General)
    Hi all. Range session with my Miroku Winchester M73, in 44-40 caliber. Shooting black powder (Swiss) under Accurate Molds #43-220C soft lead bullets. Great accuracy I think, and easy to clean too :).
  2. Crisco for loading Cap'n ball revolvers

    I've noticed that some cap'n ball shooters like to put bore butter on top of their bullets while others prefer using a lubricated wad between their ball and powder. I have only ever used the wads and want to try something different because the wads are expensive. Crisco is cheaper than cheap, so...
  3. Where to buy cow horns

    I recently got a book called 'Recreating the Eighteenth Century Powder Horn' so that I would know how to make my own traditional powder container. I'm not interested in buying one already made. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find anyone around me who sells raw cow horns, so I'll probably have to...
  4. muzzle loading 12g slug

    Hi All I have a harrington and richardson 12g huntsman muzzle loader . and am trying cast slug in it . slugs are these ..... Svarog 12 gauge bullet mold (mould) Match Sabot Diabolo .685(17.4mm) slug New | eBay as these are made to fit inside a plastic wad i am putting a 90 grain fffg...
  5. Petroleum jelly?

    I have a .50 Hawken side lock and a traditions .50 side lock pistol, both are wonderfully fun to shoot. I use patched .490 round balls. I coat my patches in petroleum jelly and coat the area around the nipple with it as well to prevent soot from accumulating. This works wonders for clean up i...
  6. Percussion Revolvers book

    Percussion Revolvers, A Guide to Their History, Performance, and Use In 2007, we attempted a follow-up book dealing mainly with percussion revolvers. This was an attempt to produce a follow up to our original Percussion Pistols and Revolvers Book with better editing and production values...
  7. 230 gr cast bullets for 300 Wisper

    Bullet Casting
    I have SERCHED for info but with no success. A few years ago a guy was casting 230 gr bullets. I bought some and would like to talk to the guy that made them but I cannot seem to find him. I get unsized ones to shoot in my 7.62 X 54R and lube them with Alox. I wanted to push them sub sonic...
  8. American Pioneer: No Lube?

    Handloading Procedures/Practices
    I'm about to load some .38 cartridges (105, 125, and 158 lead) over American Pioneer BP substitute in FFFg. The jug says 'No Lube" Is that right? I can load bare bullets with this product? The bullets are WW lead, not pure, so the BHN is probably about 10-11. What is the experience with...