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  1. WhaTs My Hawken Worth?

    Tress years ago I bought myself a Traditions Hawken Woodsman .50 cal flintlock rifle, I have shot less than 100 rounds through it and it was cleaned after each session, aside from two scratches, the matte finish the brass has taken, and a but of crud on the end of the ramrod, it is still...
  2. sharps looking to buy a sharps

    Trading Post
    hi all iam looking to buy a percussion sharps armi sport is OK in carbine or military rifle used or beaten up is fine also any ideas on this i would like help in finding one many thanks i love single shot guns pre 1898 types
  3. Any other night sights for Ruger GP100 besides Meprolight?

    im in the market for actual glowing tritium (or any other "radioactive" glowing substance) night sights for my GP100, and all ive found so far is meprolight. is there any other brands out there? thanks, DaG