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  1. WTS 458 SOCOM NiB Bolt

    Black Rifles
    WTS TXVet - You haven't made enough posts to warrant selling or trading on the board. Besides, when you qualify (25 posts), please use the Trading Post forum for the article. Thank you.
  2. Savage 11/111 Long Range OR Browning X-Bolt Stalker LR?

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    First thread and new here so sorry if I break a rule. Savage Official Link Savage Arms Browning Official Link X-Bolt Stalker Long Range Going with 300 WinMag, I intend to do long range shooting and hunting. I found Browning at $800, and Savage around $900. Prefer not to spend over $1000. I...
  3. Savage MK 2 or Stevens 300 bull barrel?

    Im looking for a bull barrel that will fit a Savage Mark 2 or the Stevens 300 22lr? Ive tried searching everywhere anyone know if anyone sells bull barrels or if id need a barrel blank?
  4. A new tool Mod that I came up with for my AR15!

    I am a beginner with the AR15 and just thought I would share an idea I came up with to help me with the bolt catch roll pin... I have not seen anything like this on the market so I made my own tool... I think it's handy, maybe someone else will too. Link to video of me using it...
  5. budget long range project

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    i don't know why everyone thinks you need to drop 4 to 5 grand to get enough accuracy to shoot to 1000 and beyond. here is my latest video of my 300 dollar remington 770 chambered in 300 win mag. i know this rifle if very poorly designed in the action with a plastic bolt bushing and all the...
  6. Rohm RG 31 Bolt question.

    Hello, my name is Davin, I have a question for any knowledgeable Gunsmith or anyone who have personal experience with the Rohm RG model 31, there is this little part for this gun called the Bolt that I can't seem to figure out where to place it. As I was opening the gun and slowly prying off...
  7. Need help twisting bolt shroud back into position (270 win mod70)

    Hi I have a Winchester 270 model 70 and when I was cleaning it my friend was fiddling with the bolt. Somehow he managed to twist the shroud into the position it would be in when the bolt is completely in the gun and twisted down except the bolt is out of the gun. No matter what I try I can't...
  8. In need of Mossberg 146b complete bolt...

    I graduated college a year ago and I bought a food truck to service food at local auctions. At these auctions there are always guns going up for sale - some complete, and some missing parts. I just started getting into shooting and hunting a year ago, so I thought it would be fun to by a cheep...
  9. Anshutz model ??

    Rimfire Rifles
    Hi all, At the range here we got this lovely Anshutz in 22LR and during maintainance cleaning the bolt got locked up.. I've been scouring the internet (and downloaded every manual of the Anshutz website), but can't seem to find a takedown/manual/guide thing... Any help would be much appreciated...