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  1. I've been pondering this "well regularte militia". part of 2A

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    If we in the shooting community do get together like say the Kiwanis and truly do start what the liberal definition of a "well regulated militia", would we not be instantly put on a terror watch list. Would the leftist not perceive us as a threat and we not be lumped into the same group as ISIS...
  2. Being a Liberal Gun Enthusiast on a Gun Forum

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    First of all, a little about myself. I am new here, but I'm not a newbie in life. I'm 64 years old and have been a gun enthusiast for over 50 years. I hold a Class III FFL license known as a 'Collectors' or 'Curios & Relics' (C&R) license. I currently own over 60 firearms. I've been a Concealed...