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  1. Books
    As some may know, I recently bought my first AR-15, Armalite for real. I'm also a bit of a prepper as well and try to have backups just in case the internet isn't a option. Plus, I do like to thumb through books, even if I rarely read one cover to cover. What I'm looking for. Something...
  2. Books
    Is anyone reading this familiar with a book written in 1982 titled " A History of the John M. Browning Semi-automatic .22 Caliber Rifle " ? The author is Homer C. Tyler and the book is 58 pages long. I'm looking for a copy and suggestions on where-to-look would be appreciated. I've submitted...
  3. Books
    I am a gunsmith apprentice and I am looking to increase my knowledge on single action revolvers. I have heard about "single action sixguns" by John Taffin and "sixguns" by Elmer Keith. I am just having some trouble finding copies of these. Are there any other books that could be recommended...
1-3 of 3 Results