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  1. Books
    As some may know, I recently bought my first AR-15, Armalite for real. I'm also a bit of a prepper as well and try to have backups just in case the internet isn't a option. Plus, I do like to thumb through books, even if I rarely read one cover to cover. What I'm looking for. Something...
  2. Trading Post
    For sale Book written by Bob Hegal, North American Hunting club. In very good condition. I’ll take 20 and shipping cost, which at media mail, should not be too much. It is a good advice book and easy to read.
  3. Books
    Is anyone reading this familiar with a book written in 1982 titled " A History of the John M. Browning Semi-automatic .22 Caliber Rifle " ? The author is Homer C. Tyler and the book is 58 pages long. I'm looking for a copy and suggestions on where-to-look would be appreciated. I've submitted...
  4. Books
    I am a gunsmith apprentice and I am looking to increase my knowledge on single action revolvers. I have heard about "single action sixguns" by John Taffin and "sixguns" by Elmer Keith. I am just having some trouble finding copies of these. Are there any other books that could be recommended...