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  1. Customize 90's Browning A-Bolt Stainless Stalker (x-bolt barrel, custom wood stock)

    Hi All, I have a .270 win Browning A-Bolt with the Boss system from the mid-90's. It is stainless steel with a synthetic stock. I looking to replace the barrel to a 24" stainless steel X-bolt barrel, with the muzzle break. Something similar to the X-Bolt Pro Barrel. Does anyone know where to...
  2. Browning Bar Mark III (MK3) - Cant Find, Little Reviews?

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    So, for the last month or two I have had my mind on a Browning Bar MK3 I saw at my local sporting goods shop. I can not find the Browning Bar MK3 in any of the current production models (Engraved Browning Model, Mossy Oak, and the Black Out Stalker Model) at a big retailers like Cabelas and Bass...
  3. 1986 Browning A-Bolt 25.06

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Need to know retail value of this rifle back in 1986. it's been my mothers rifle new si ce 1986 and she gave it t me before she died in 2016. Now my POS dad is suing me for it after her death. Need value for the attorney. Thanks for any help.
  4. New trap gun?

    Shotguns, Shotgunning, and Shotshell Reloading
    I shoot anywhere from 100-700 shotgun rounds a week depending on schedule and weather. I was wondering what you guys shoot per week to see if I'm higher or lower than average for round count per week. I'm on a college trap team but we only practice during the school year and this is how much I...
  5. Browning sa 22 100th anniversary edition

    Rimfire Rifles
    I was gifted a browning sa .22 and noticed the serial numbers did not match up. It started with 100A14. After much research i found it to be the 100th anniversary edition that was made in 2014. It appears to be a grade 1. I dont have much knowledge of these rifles but all I could find was the...
  6. Anyone buy a rifle for your spouse this Christmas?

    Rimfire Rifles
    My wife and I have gotten back into shooting and this year I bought her her own rifle for Christmas (she has been using my Henry while I use an older Winchester bolt single shot). I got her a Browning T-Bolt that came with a maple stock--- pretty nice. She was so surprised and wanted to go...
  7. need help identifing more info on gun

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    i have a browning 81L blr 7mm rifle gold trigger serial is browning serial number 23758nw327 anyone help with more info like value etc....
  8. serial number help please

    Shotguns, Shotgunning, and Shotshell Reloading
    Nubie here trying to figure out the serial number on my A5 The receiver has 8V 6472, the barrel has 6274. I have a hard time believing they aren't original to each other. Think they just reversed the 2 and 4? Also, I know this is a low number so no records of date? Also, as stated on Brownings...
  9. Belgian Browning (SA-22) .22 Rifle Feed Tube

    Rimfire Rifles
    I foolishly spent money the other day and bought a Belgian made Browning SA-22 semi-auto .22 rifle with a damaged feed-tube assembly. Now I am learning how some of the early SA-22 feed tube assemblies differ from the later (Japanese made) rifles as a ramp-up to figuring out how to repair...
  10. Need Help Please! Identifying the age of my old Browning Auto-5.

    Shotguns, Shotgunning, and Shotshell Reloading
    I've been looking at all the forums and different websites for my serial number and now I'm even more confused. My grandfather gave me his old Browning auto-5, 20 gauge, "humpback". The numbers "C8732" are on the left side of the gun under the Browning trade mark. There are no serial numbers on...
  11. Replacing sight

    Shotguns, Shotgunning, and Shotshell Reloading
    Hello, first time poster so i am not sure if this is where I should be posting this. Two weeks ago some friends of mine asked me to be on their team in a trap league. I had never shot trap, had always wanted to, but new that my mom still had her old trap gun so I figured why not. So last...
  12. Browning One millionth citori

    Shotguns, Shotgunning, and Shotshell Reloading
    hey i was wondering if anyone on here could tell me the value of a sign i have... as far as i know it is the only one made ( or at least tried to be made) it is printed on sheet metal and has the one millionth citori pictured along with : "one millionth browning citori" in lettering... the sign...