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  1. Customize 90's Browning A-Bolt Stainless Stalker (x-bolt barrel, custom wood stock)

    Hi All, I have a .270 win Browning A-Bolt with the Boss system from the mid-90's. It is stainless steel with a synthetic stock. I looking to replace the barrel to a 24" stainless steel X-bolt barrel, with the muzzle break. Something similar to the X-Bolt Pro Barrel. Does anyone know where to...
  2. 9mm survival carbine as simple as possible.

    Hello im back at it again. I gave thought to this idea a long time ago but now with more moding experience im ready to tackle it. I know theres ones i can buy but i want to build one from raw materials. I plan on using rectangular steel tube for lower FCG and use ar 15 fcg. Also use a uzi mag...
  3. A new tool Mod that I came up with for my AR15!

    I am a beginner with the AR15 and just thought I would share an idea I came up with to help me with the bolt catch roll pin... I have not seen anything like this on the market so I made my own tool... I think it's handy, maybe someone else will too. Link to video of me using it...