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cast bullets

  1. 358 Winchester Cast for Hunting?

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Hello everyone and Merry Christmas to start. I need the definative answer on whether a cast bullet in a 358 Winchester can be a viable option in my new BLR for deer and elk out to 200yd ranges. I have poured over past post in both this forum and others. I have worn Google out on this issue...
  2. Contender 45-70 and LFN - WFN cast bullets?

    Single-Shot Handguns
    Does anyone have much experience loading heavy WFN or LFN bullets in the contender? I have been an avid cast bullets shooter in the contender for several years (30+ years). I have resonantly been looking for good loads for hunting large animals like Moose and Elk... I have seen some new molds...
  3. .45acp & cast bullets help!

    Handloading Procedures/Practices
    I never reloaded for .45acp until recently and having recently got into bullet casting of course I'm trying cast bullets. I have an original army 1911 that's in good shape and with Lee 452-200-RF bullets and 5 grains of unique it shoots well and cycles without a hiccup. I have bought three...
  4. 1911 for cast bullets

    I am thinking of buying a used 1911 style 45 with the idea of shooting cast bullets. What are the pit fall if any? Are there any I should avoid? Anything I should specifically look for or avoid? I am trying to make an informed decision so any and all help is, as always, deeply appreciated...