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  1. Bullet Casting
    I want to start reloading this summer, and I want to load a little for accuracy, and a lot for costs. This got me thinking about bullet casting. I've cast round .50 cal balls for muzzleloaders so I have the melting pot. But I'm wondering if a .30-06 can push lead fast enough to wear the barrel...
  2. Bullet Casting
    I have been shooting patched round balls through my multiple side lock riffles and pistols for some time and have molds for round balls at .490. I have also shot a multitude of sabot style conicals and the like. I am interested in getting in to maxi balls, not necessarily Minie balls with the...
  3. Bullet Casting
    I am preparing to start casting 45 70 405gr HBFN bullets w/diameter of .460 and will start with the 3031 I have on hand. I have just acquired plenty of lead from an old x-ray door and considering a lead/tin alloy. I have seen various posts on different boards with conflicting information and I...
  4. Bullet Casting
    Same comments as posted in your posting on the Gunsmithing forum. Also, we frown on double posting on the board.
1-4 of 4 Results