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  1. .260 AAR problem (Long)

    Hi, I'm posting this problem in several forums where I've seen mention of the .260AAR - All Around Rifle (AKA 6.5 Jap Ackley Improved, 6.5-257 Ackley Improved, 6.5 AAR) and possibly others. The cartridge is formed from either .257 Roberts expanded to 6.5mm, and then fire formed in the chamber...
  2. 7mm Mauser Wont Feed Correctly

    I recently came into possession of a sporterized 7x57 Mauser by way of third hand. I did a friend a favor and he just gave it to me as he is not a shooter. I do not know what type it is, only that it is a Mauser. It is a nice gun and has potential to be a nice hunting rifle, but I have a...
  3. New barrel for mannlicher schoenauer

    I need to replace the barrel of my rifle. A mannlicher schoenauer m-50 chambered in .270 win. Send an email to Shilen rifles and was answered that they are only capable of selling me a barrel blank but may not chamber the barrel for my rifle. I may have a gunsmith threading, contouring and...