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  1. .32 Colt Police Positive Special

    Alright fellas, So i have a Colt PPS that was made in 1963, stamped on the barrel is .32. Now this is where i need your help. I have been searching all over the internet trying to find out exactly what it takes. i've read .32 long, .32 short and .32-20. i'm hoping there are some Colt experts...
  2. Colt Filing for Bankruptcy

    General Discussion
    Legendary Gunmaker Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy | It does say they are still "open for businesses". Good luck to them. :(
  3. The "Colt thing" yet again

    General Discussion
    Iowaloha Just more of the same for Colt. Sure wish I could make it different for them. Can't! Colt Bankruptcy Bucks Surge in Gun Sales | Fox Business Sorry for bad news. Nice to see you all again. Cheezywan
  4. Colt police positive .22 serial # 5874

    Rimfire Handguns
    Does any one have any info on this hand gun? It's a colt says police positive on the barrel which is about 3 inches long. On the frame between cylinder arm is stamped 5874. Also has a vp 3 on trigger guard area. It fires a 22 long riffle shell 6 shot revolver. Adjustable rear sights black hard...
  5. what are the value of these? please help!

    i have 2 guns i am trying to determine the value.. first is a colt official police .38..patents listed are 8/5/84, 4/4/05 and 10/5/26. serial number begins with a 6 and is followed by a V. The second says hi-standard model h-d military .22 long barrel.. serial number begins with a 2. What do...
  6. New AR-15 barrel glowing (hot)

    Black Rifles
    We just bought our first AR-15. Stag Arms, Model 2 (223/5.56) chrome lined barrel. We shot 200 rounds in about an 1 and a half hours. On our last magazine my wife dumped the 30rd mag. The barrel was glowing cherry red around the gas tube on the barrel. Probably 3-4 inches of the barrel was...
  7. sugestions on a ar

    Black Rifles
    Hello reloaders friends. I have been wanted to buy a AR platform, I am a complete ignorant in this kind of side of Arms. Now this may be a long term buy so I need to get one that will fit my needs I have seen some calibers in mind.308 win and 6.5 creedmoor. It may be hard and pricey to get...
  8. Colt Series 80 Govt. 1911 .38 Super Mfg. Date

    Does anyone have a reference showing the Mfg. date of a Colt Government model 1911 in .38 super with serial # 28123XX? I've tried Proof House but they don't have the Series 80. Thanks
  9. M9 vs. 1911

    The title says it all lets hear it guys!
  10. Best 1911??????

    Lookin at gettin a 1911 and i know theres alot of companies making them.For the money which is best and how many diffrent manufacturers are making them?????
  11. 1911 or M9?

    I like both the 1911 .45 ACP and Beretta M9 but which one is truly better for self defense and why? Thanks!
  12. Need Help to Identify a Colt 1911A1

    I've mentioned my 1911 Colt .45 online several times and I've referred to it as a "Franken-45" that I had thought my Dad had put together out of parts. Although it most certainly has been modified somewhat, I now believe that the slide and frame belong to the same gun, and are not random parts...
  13. 1911's too many to choose from!

    I’m looking to purchase a 1911 and have been looking at all of the following models. With so many to choose from can anyone offer some advice in narrowing my search down to the best model to get? Springfield TRP, Springfield Loaded, Kimber Tactical Custom II, Kimber Custom TLE II, Kimber Royal...
  14. 1911 failure questions

    I'm shooting a Colt Gold Cup Series 80. I bought it new, and had it tuned by a professional. I have about 1,000 rounds through it. At the range this morning, I was doing some close range speed shooting at the FBI Q target. The failure was the first I've seen, and I hope someone out there can...
  15. Colt Gold Cup main spring questions

    My uncle has a model 1911 .45ACP Colt Gold Cup pistol. He says it came with 2 springs from the factory, one for hard-ball full deal ammo and one for lighter target loads. He has lost the lighter of the two springs from the factory and needs to know what the spring is rated at so he can order a...
  16. Springfield XD .45 Vs. Colt 1911

    I've finally picked what caliber I want. Im going .45! I should have known from the very start. Seeing as I love to shoot the "man stopper." But now of course, Im faced with the issue of what gun to purchase. I've pretty much narrowed my top choices to the Springfield XD or a Colt 1911. I've...
  17. A 1911 style pistol for the shooting range

    Hey Every one, I am going to the Gun Show at Ft Worth this saturday and was wondering if you guys could give me some advice. I have shot the Para and the S&W before and I like them both. I am looking for a 1911 chambered in the .45 ACP and have the following guns in mind: 1. Para Ordnance P14...
  18. 1911 which Colt or Clone?

    I have to buy a model 1911 in 45ACP( Yep I'm forced to buy a 1911 stylepistol Poor Me Right). The choices are many. So many it makes it hard to choose. I have seen and heard many tales of frustration and a lack of confidence on some of the clones. 2 catagories are the ones who have marketed...
  19. 45 ACP 1911 not what it appears?

    Handgun Cartridges
    Here I thought I knew a few items about the 45 ACP cartridge. I was under the impression that this case in the Colt 1911 style pistol's headspaced off the case mouth. I had an individual who I respect on information about guns tell me that the bolt face and extractor determind the headspace for...
  20. 1911 ? Who Makes The Best One ?

    Always Want To Own A 1911. It Seams Like Every Gun Manufacture Is Making One These Days. It’s Hard To Decide What I Should Get. If That Wasn’t Bad Enough They Have Many Different Modules To Choose From. I Like To Get A Full Size 1911. No Compact Or Subcompact. Must Be Accurate With Easy Trigger...