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  1. General Discussion
    Looks like more interesting news out of Connecticut. Turns out people didn't register their guns like the politicians thought they would. Officials in Connecticut Stunned by What Could Be a Massive, State-Wide Act of Haar: Tens Of Thousands Flouted Gun Registration Law, Could Be Felons -...
  2. General Discussion
    Connecticut Gun Owners Wait in Line to Do Something Many Gun Owners Hope They Never Have To | Video | {edit: see forum policy on posting copyrighted materials. Links are OK.}
  3. General Discussion
    Hey everybody! I am new here at this forum. This is my first post. I have a question about the law in Connecticut (where I live) on handguns. I know that to purchase one here you need a permit and certificate of eligibility, but to actually own a handgun you do not need one. So I was wondering...
1-3 of 3 Results