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  1. Mounting strain gauge on Contender pistol

    Ballistics - Internal and External
    Hi, Question (a repeat from my intro in General): How do you mount a chamber pressure strain gauge over the center of the chamber of a Contender? To try to stay away from the barrel cross section changes of the barrel locking lug, on top of the barrel seems to be the ideal. BUT, over the...
  2. Newbie.

    General Discussion
    HI, second time to try this. I have been lurking this site now about 3-5 months, and really enjoy reading about everyone's adventures (mostly ballistics and reloading). I tried to sign up here via the ole pocket computer (smart phone) but that got me banned FOREVER because somehow I messed...
  3. New, Old Stock Pachmayr grips, cheap

    Trading Post
    Pachmayr SN-GP (Gripper Professional) for S&W N-Frame revolver. $10. Also two TC Contender Grippers (model TC-G) $20 ea. and four T/C forend adapters ($5 ea.). All are new in the box. Can't seem to upload images but can email photos if you wish. Will ship by USPS Priority Mail for cost ($6.80...
  4. Diameter of bull barrel.

    Single-Shot Rifles
    I just bought a 16 1/4" MGM bull barrel in 35 Remington. Have not received it yet but I imagine that my current 7-30 Waters 21" taper barrel forearm probably won't fit the bull barrel. I was hoping to get an early start shopping for a forearm for the bull but don't know that much about the...
  5. thompson Contender - I want one.

    Single-Shot Handguns
    Hi guys and gals.This is my first post and I have a PBR in hand but no guns in site so don't worry; I'm safe. (is that the correct way to use a semicolon?). So I used to be on a rifle team and I'm a real accuracy snob. That said I'm no pro or military guy, just a normal joe schmo who likes...
  6. Contender 45-70 and LFN - WFN cast bullets?

    Single-Shot Handguns
    Does anyone have much experience loading heavy WFN or LFN bullets in the contender? I have been an avid cast bullets shooter in the contender for several years (30+ years). I have resonantly been looking for good loads for hunting large animals like Moose and Elk... I have seen some new molds...